Adam Walton Leads WSOP Main Event Finalists

Adam Walton Leads WSOP Main Event Finalists

Finding anyone happier in Las Vegas than the nine WSOP Main Event finalists is an almost impossible task. After more than 74 hours at the Horseshoe Casino, Adam Walton takes the lead in the FT bubble. The American has a prize pool of $12.1 million and has 120 BBS, compared with 75 for compatriot Steven Jones.

Friday night the 14th could have been a lot more exciting. Early in the bubble, Daniel Holzner escaped a drubbing and doubled up. In a pre-flop all-in, the Italian hit A?Q♥ against then-CL Juan Maceiras’ A♣10♦. A 10♠5♠5♦ flop brought one of the outs for the Spaniard, who held on to the lead in Round 6, but the Q♣-River saved Holzner.

Maceiras maintained the lead, but only for a short time. Walton became more and more aggressive, chasing his opponent’s chips and beginning to dominate the game. Meanwhile, José Aguilera couldn’t get out of the low post and was eliminated:

Blinds were 600,000/1,200,000 with a BB ante, and Jan-Peter Jachtmann opened with a raise to 2,500,000 and Aguilera responded with a 3-bet to 6,700,000. Halfway through the match, the German called and saw the flop come 6♥5♠4♦. Jachtmann pushed his opponent all-in and watched him call with 2,500,000 and A♠J♠. The veteran finished the straight at Turn 7 with A♥8♥. Just hoping for a tie on the river, Aguilera saw the dealer turn up 2.

The finalists now rest on Saturday. The tournament kicks off on Sunday 16th at 17:30 (BST) with 100 minutes of Level 38 play (600,000/1,200,000 blinds and BB antes).


1. Adam Walton (USA) 143,800,000

2. Steven Jones (USA) 90,300,000

3. Daniel Weinman (USA) 81,700,000

4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) 74,600,000

5. Juan Marcellas (Spain) 68,000,000

6. Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) 50,700,000

7. Dean Hutchison (UK) 41,700,000

8. Daniel Holzner (Italy) 31,900,000

9. Toby Lewis (UK) 19,800,000


1. $12,100,000

2. $6,500,000

3. $4,000,000

4. $3,000,000

5. $2,400,000

6. $1,850,000

7. $1,425,000

8. $1,250,000

9. $900,000

Adam Walton Leads WSOP Main Event Finalists

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