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The high number of participants at the Madrid CEP and the eventual victory of Valeriano T. attested to the success of the new format.

The high number of participants at the Madrid CEP...

The 2023 season, which combines the Spanish Poker Championship and the Estrelas Poker Tour, looks promising, according to preliminary statistics from Pokerstars.

Madrid, the first site to take advantage of this new model, offered 5 first-day events of varying lengths and formats over the weekend, attracting 940 participants Participants participate in CEP. First mentioned is the organization; by noon on Day 1C they had broken their own attendance record for a regular CEP trip to the nation’s capital.

Valeriano T., a player who has participated in events in the country’s capital and who usually does not find many tournaments at the same level as his in the Spanish world, but in the international Enjoying a good poker game at home every now and then between events, was an outstanding winner of the CEP and put the finishing touches to this new multi-festival experience outside of the country.

Surprisingly, the most common among CEP finalists are players over the age of 30 who have not played poker in over a decade.

Valeriano was the favorite at the final table due to his reputation and large stack, but his victory was not the result of his opponent’s lack of personality. Early in the final table live broadcast, the eventual winner was caught in a massive bluff and had to rely on going all-in to maintain his survival and comeback plan.

The high number of participants at the Madrid CEP...

Paulo Brombim won $525 after winning three all-in bets. Bounty hunter stole $126,000 from HR.

Paulo Brombim won $525 after winning three all-in...

On this particular Sunday, Paulo Brombim experienced an unusual situation. While he was still riding high after winning the $525 Bounty Hunters HR event, he was eliminated in the heads-up round of the $1,050 GGMasters HR event. Combined, the pro earned $144,000.

Two of Paulo’s teammates also voted for the $525 Bounty Hunters HR. After finishing sixth, “Avelange Jr” earned $27,597 in points before being eliminated. As a farewell gesture, he made an open push with 5 BBS, and “TaWebon” immediately called him with AQ in the big blind. The Brazilian had little chance against A7 and J31026’s Ace.

In contrast, Gabriel Sborz in a long 4 The greatest losses were suffered in hand games. Account holder “r4sta-p0ker” earned a total of $49,398. He went all-in in the blind game and watched Paulo call with Q6. The small stack K6 was destroyed by the large stack 10QA2.

Paulo had to wait until the heads-up match to announce his championship. Because he was already ahead in the three-man race. “DrunkMaster” completed its public full rollout with 12 BBS in its final move. After increasing his stack to twenty-one, “TaWebon” went all-in. During a phone conversation, Paulo revealed the number nine. After Paulo’s opponent showed A3 and A7, they won the hand with Q8JJK.

One minute later, Lus Rocha in the $1,050 GGMasters HR final Defeated Paulo and finished eighth. This time he made a total of $18,457.

Paulo Brombim won $525 after winning three all-in...

Dan Cates leads tiebreaker in Triton Series London Main Event

Dan Cates leads tiebreaker in Triton Series London...

Even by Triton Poker Series standards, London’s main event, the FT, is incredibly top-flight. Dan Cates has been a spectacle in his own right, finishing second all by himself in first place. The American currently has 66 BBS, while Stephen Chidwick, who won $500,000 at the last tournament, has 53.

The two leaders competed in the 2019 FT at the same tournament. They definitely don’t want to repeat their performance as they both lost early in the game.

To win the $4,185,000 prize, you’ll also have to beat Timothy Adams, Doug Polk, Isaac Haxton, Juan Pardo and James Chen.

Play will resume on Monday the 7th at 9am (Brasilia time) with blinds 50,000/125,000 and ante BB. The announced card broadcast will be available for free on Triton’s YouTube channel.


1. Daniel Cates (USA) 8,200,000

2. Stephen Chidwick (UK) 6,650,000

3. Jean Noel Tourrel (France) 5,650,000

4. Timothy Adams (Canada) 5,150,000

5. Doug Polk (USA) 3,325,000

6. Juan Pardo (Spain) 2,500,000

7. Isaac Haxton (USA) 2,325,000

8. James Chen (Taiwan) 2,300,000

9. Lun Loon (Malaysia) 1,675,000


1. 4,185,000 USD

2. $2,830,000

3. $1,940,000

4. $1,582,000

5. $1,260,000

6. $970,000

7. $705,000

8. $510,000

9. $422,500

Dan Cates leads tiebreaker in Triton Series London...

Deeb crowned in SHRPO’s $25,000 PLO High Roller

Deeb crowned in SHRPO's $25,000 PLO High Roller

The huge Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO) event continues, with Shaun Deeb recently winning one of the most expensive tournaments on the calendar.

This weekend’s $25,500 High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha Event 29 has a small field of 22 participants with a total prize pool of $543,400 The distribution of the top four players will only be decided this weekend.

Deeb starred at WSOP 2023 where he won a bracelet for the 24 cash and shine in the stands as one of the best friends and mentors of current champion Daniel Weinman. Now, he showed up at the posh Florida casino to win the high-stakes tournament and pocket $239,100.

The decisive head-to-head was against Roger Teska, who finished second and lost $141,300 at the final table, with Alex Foxen also in contention for the title.

Meanwhile, Seminole Hard Rock Poker instead of The Open will run through Tuesday with a total of 91 events , all eyes will be on the Main Event, which kicks off Friday with $3 million guaranteed and $5,300 Buy.

Event #29 $25,500 High Roller Pot-Limit Omaha – SHRPO

Buy-In: $25,500Buy-in :22Pot:$543,400 -$

Final Score

1. Sean Dibb – $239,1002. Roger Tesca – $141,3003. Alex Fox – $97,8004° Ren Lin – $65,200

Deeb crowned in SHRPO's $25,000 PLO High Roller

CNP Medellin Double Day Event! High Roller and Main Event are in full swing

CNP Medellin Double Day Event! High Roller and Mai...

Carlos Camargo, chip leader with 326,500

Excitement abounds at the Medellín National Poker Tour (CNP) as the day begins and adrenaline. Day 1 of the High Roller Tournament (1,000,000 KO) ended yesterday with 18 players qualifying for Day 2. Carlos Camargo leads in chips with 326,500, Sergio Leyva 318,500 and Andres Sanchez Earn 303,000 points and head your way to glory.

Right now High Roller Day 2 is in full swing with 3 entry levels up to 13. The title race is heating up, and players are ready to give it their all for an unforgettable victory.

CNP High Roller Day 2

But that’s not all

CNP Medellin Double Day Event! High Roller and Mai...

What does the Latino’s winning roster look like after the Barbero blast?

What does the Latino's winning roster look like af...

Bomb…bomb…fireman! Nacho Barbero performed well at the London Triton, scoring the best cash result in Latino history, finishing second in the 200km race. The winner, of course, is the gutsy guy, and whoever has the budget to play the tournament with those buy-ins is the gutsy guy.

With that amount of money, assuming it’s his only in ITM history, his $3,445,807 would put him at number 572 on the poker earning list, ahead of Justin Bonomo Bonomo), earning a whopping $61,956,383. He’s also good enough to be the 11th best Latino player on The Hendon Mob’s list.

But the reality is that the Argentine has earned $13,940,134 in live tournaments, ranking him in the world. In fact, at 70 he is the only top 100 player from Latin America and one of two top 200 players along with Farid Jattin. These stats confirm that he is the best player Armada has ever played in a live tournament. There’s no subjectivity here to cover it up.

Farid Jattin, second best Latin player.

He even won a WSOP bracelet, if it was worth considering.

Barbero is already the No. 1 Latino in the rankings, and now he’s extending that lead. However, his victory gives us reason to remember who are the best representatives in our region, those who have won the most money in live poker tournaments (of course, in general, both cash and online earnings include in count) not included).

We then used the same source to rank Latinos that appeared in the world’s top 1,000, giving a total of 26.

Latin wins the rankings, with Barbero at number one

1. (No. 70) Nacho Barbero – $13,940,1342. (No. 188) Fareed Jardin – $7,534,3773. (No. 224) Ivan Luka – $6,573,0474th (No. 249) Humberto Brenes – $6,184,2215th place (No. 274) Yuri Givylevsky – $5,767,3336th (No. 284) Michael Duke – $5,581,3687th (No. 393) Juan Carlos Alvarado – $4,476,3018th (No. 498) Alexandria Gomez – $3,737,9689th (No. 529) Felipe Ramos – $3,618,52810. (541 places) Connie Lampropoulos – $3,577,62311th (No. 590) Damian Salas – $3,373,35512. (No. 630) Andre Akari – $3,182,44013th (651st) Bruno Volkmann – $3,079,44614. (No. 687) Andres Cohen – $2,986,41715. (No. 716) Philip Pinto – $2,878,76316th (782nd) ​​Ivan Fretz – $2,679,66317th (850th) Alejandro Lokoco – $2,539,57518. (No. 893) Angel Gillen – $2,460,40919th (906th) Jose Luis Villado – $2,437,79920. (No. 908) Giuseppe Iadisernia – $2,429,24821st (919th) Dorian Rios – $2,407,19622nd (926th) Fabrizio Gonzalez – $2,402,49323. (No. 932) Francisco Benitez – $2,391,28524th (949th) Rio Fernandez – $2,351,11325. (No. 962) Pablo Melonio – $2,333,79026. (No. 988) Mario Lopez – $2,287,329

*Overall rank in parentheses.

What does the Latino's winning roster look like af...

Three for glory: WSOP 2023 Main Event set

Three for glory: WSOP 2023 Main Event set

The final stage. The WSOP 2023 Main Event Championship is down to three players. As is often the case, the winner will be the American, as the first day of the final table knocked out other foreigners hoping for a championship bracelet in Las Vegas.

After eight intense days of poker, the world’s most important tournament breaks all records with 10,043 participants and $93,399,900 pot >, the nine finalists took Saturday off and returned this Sunday to compete for a gold diamond bracelet and a $12,100,000 prize.

Glory in bracelet form.

However, the day didn’t take long to find out who the first player to be eliminated was Daniel Holzner who finished 9th for US $900,000 and a few hands later, Juan Maceiras was in 8th place with US$1,125,000. Such was the excitement at the start of the final table, as Toby Lewis, one of the contenders, finished seventh for $1,425 in both falls . strong>000.

There were six players at the final table, but it was when Steven Jones dominated and established himself as the top spot. They were joined from behind by Daniel Weinman, Adam Walton and Jan-Peter Jachtmann. Meanwhile, Ruslan Prydryk and Dean Hutchison continued to slide until they finished fifth and sixth respectively for $2,400,000 and were eliminated,US$1,850,000

While it was agreed that the tournament would be played before 4 players remained on the day, it was agreed that 40 levels of blinds would be completed. But with Ace lined up, German Jachtmann was abruptly eliminated in third place for $3,000,000, and the day ended with three hopefuls vying for victory 2023 WSOP Main Event.

The final three place race has been determined.

Jan-Peter Jachtmann (@jpjachtmann) met Adam Walton’s ace and fell to fourth place while winning $3,000,000.

Walton, Steven Jones and Daniel Weinman return on Monday, and whoever they beat will be the winner.

Three for glory: WSOP 2023 Main Event set

Adam Walton Leads WSOP Main Event Finalists

Adam Walton Leads WSOP Main Event Finalists

Finding anyone happier in Las Vegas than the nine WSOP Main Event finalists is an almost impossible task. After more than 74 hours at the Horseshoe Casino, Adam Walton takes the lead in the FT bubble. The American has a prize pool of $12.1 million and has 120 BBS, compared with 75 for compatriot Steven Jones.

Friday night the 14th could have been a lot more exciting. Early in the bubble, Daniel Holzner escaped a drubbing and doubled up. In a pre-flop all-in, the Italian hit A?Q♥ against then-CL Juan Maceiras’ A♣10♦. A 10♠5♠5♦ flop brought one of the outs for the Spaniard, who held on to the lead in Round 6, but the Q♣-River saved Holzner.

Maceiras maintained the lead, but only for a short time. Walton became more and more aggressive, chasing his opponent’s chips and beginning to dominate the game. Meanwhile, José Aguilera couldn’t get out of the low post and was eliminated:

Blinds were 600,000/1,200,000 with a BB ante, and Jan-Peter Jachtmann opened with a raise to 2,500,000 and Aguilera responded with a 3-bet to 6,700,000. Halfway through the match, the German called and saw the flop come 6♥5♠4♦. Jachtmann pushed his opponent all-in and watched him call with 2,500,000 and A♠J♠. The veteran finished the straight at Turn 7 with A♥8♥. Just hoping for a tie on the river, Aguilera saw the dealer turn up 2.

The finalists now rest on Saturday. The tournament kicks off on Sunday 16th at 17:30 (BST) with 100 minutes of Level 38 play (600,000/1,200,000 blinds and BB antes).


1. Adam Walton (USA) 143,800,000

2. Steven Jones (USA) 90,300,000

3. Daniel Weinman (USA) 81,700,000

4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) 74,600,000

5. Juan Marcellas (Spain) 68,000,000

6. Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) 50,700,000

7. Dean Hutchison (UK) 41,700,000

8. Daniel Holzner (Italy) 31,900,000

9. Toby Lewis (UK) 19,800,000


1. $12,100,000

2. $6,500,000

3. $4,000,000

4. $3,000,000

5. $2,400,000

6. $1,850,000

7. $1,425,000

8. $1,250,000

9. $900,000

Adam Walton Leads WSOP Main Event Finalists

Yesterday, during the seventh edition of the Winamax Sunday Funday, prizes worth nearly 1 million euros were awarded.

Yesterday, during the seventh edition of the Winam...

Yesterday, Winamax .fres enjoyed a great day of multi-table tournaments, with the Sunday Fun Day event taking center stage. The room organized 37 tournaments with a prize pool of over €10,000, distributing €1. 7 millionprizes.

The 7th Fun Day event starts with €750,000deposit and ends with €985,000Price Money.

Battle Royale €150 180,000 GTD. There were 2,039 entries and the prize pool was €183, 510. The contest was won by “EasyAmr“, winning €20,371. 01 bonus.

Xtase €50130,000 GTD. 3,652 entrants with a prize pool of €164,340 His winner: “PokerRiver” won €18, 149. 56 .

Deepstack AfterWork €10 €50,000 GTd. There were 8,525 players and the pot was €76, 725. His winner: ” Nego_bala ” received payment of 6€,206. 77.

Golden Hour €25120,000 GTD Interesting numbers too: 6,776 entrants and cash prize pool€152,460 .“” was the winner and received €13,865. 64 .

125 € 120kTd . HighRoller There were 1,290 participants and the prize was €147 , 060 . “Charles 3bet” won, winning €19,816. 38.

€100,000 GTd. €75 Main Event KO 2,101 entries, pot 141 € , 818 . The winner is “YoungShi ( 14 € , 509. 78).

Purple 250 €100,000 Usually Spanish residents cannot participate in tournaments because the buy-in fee is 500 euros and our laws only allow us in tournaments Spend up to 250 Euros. That’s exactly what the Purple team bought into at Fondi. The tournament has a total of 515 participants and a prize pool of 119 € , 480 . The winner was “ E. Cantona7“, who paid €19,922. 56 .

Outside of the Funday event, “Keanu Raise” won the Sunday Surprise Mystery €10 Cash Reward Take home €9,638. 35 Also, A Haibike Trekking 6 High Electric Bike.

A new day of the regular tournament awaits us today.

Responsible Play. Online poker rooms have different systems in place to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

Yesterday, during the seventh edition of the Winam...

historic! WSOP Main Event Breaks Attendance Record

historic! WSOP Main Event Breaks Attendance Record

The 2023 WSOP Main Event made history with new attendance records. When registrations reached 8,774 participants (1,080 players on Day 1A, 1,118 players on Day 1B, 3,080 on Day 1C, and over 4,100 on Day 1D), it set New strong> mark, which is still in place, there is no cap, because the registration is still open for the first two levels of Day 2ABC this Friday, and Day 2D is open on Saturday. Regardless, the 2023 entry is expected to be approximately 9,337.

The highest point occurs at Level 1 on Day 1D, a 17-year dedication ceremony – old record. Since 1970, there has been a marked increase in WSOP attendance. Entry peaked in 2006 when Jamie Gold beat 8,773 players to win an impressive $12 million. Since then, the number of entries has fluctuated from year to year, until last year, the number of entries reached 8,663, just 111 entrants short of the record. Espen Jorstad was then appointed for $10 million.

Chris Moneymaker is responsible for the Shuffle Up & game. Make a deal on this historic day.

Incredibly, in the first edition in 1970, only six players entered the main event and the prize money was awarded to the United States Champion $30,000, won by the legendary Johnny Moss.

Interestingly, the four-figure attendance was broken in 2004. With 2,576 entrants, Greg Raymer won a bracelet and $5 million, all after the success of Chris Moneymaker the previous year when his $2.50 Prize Win millions by beating 839 players after qualifying for a few dollars in online satellites.

Despite the ups and downs of the ensuing years, the excitement waned and the enthusiasm never faltered. This year, expectations are growing among WSOP staff and many pundits that the Main Event will break attendance records. So this should come as no surprise to anyone.

However, the speed at which this milestone has been reached may surprise some. There is still time to register more participants, and there is speculation that the tournament may even reach 10,000 players.

The 17-year wait is over – we set a new attendance record for the World Series of Poker Main Event!

With 8,830 registrations and counting, registrations close at 4:40pm. Saturday broke the previous Main Event record of 8,773.

Thank you to all the players, dealers, staff and…

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 6, 2023

“The 17-year wait is over as we set a new record for WSOP Main Event attendance!

As of 4:40pm Saturday, 8,830 entrants had signed up, Breaking the previous Main Event record of 8,773 entries.

Thanks to all the players, dealers, staff and partners involved in poker history!

Jack Effel , World Series Vice President Poker expects the WSOP to continue unabated. “Witnessing a truly big World Series of Poker is a good sign that poker will continue to evolve,” Effel said in a statement. ”

Effel believes several factors have contributed to the steady growth of the poker industry. The past few years have seen success not only in the record-breaking Main Event, but also in many other bracelet events this year.

The biggest tournament in poker history – WSOP 2023 Main Event!

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 7, 2023

“There were a lot of exciting moments at the WSOP – Phil Hellmuth wins…” His 17th bracelet, unimaginable for a poker player Yes,” Eiffel continued. “I think the WSOP is a special place. I think it’s inimitable, it has to be experienced.”

Effel has yet to make a forecast for the final number of entries. Registration is complete, but guarantees it will be “a huge number”. Records have been broken and the excitement and competitive spirit of the WSOP continues.

The 10th WSOP Main Event registered the most registrations. 2023 Winners 8,774+ ¿ 2006 8,773 Jamie Gold 2022 8,663 Espen Jostad 2019 8th 569 Hossein Ensan 2018 7,874 John Cynn 2010 7,319 Jonathan Duhamel 2017 7,221 Scott Blumstein 2011 6,865 Pi us Heinz 2008 6,844 Peter Eastgate 2016 6,737 Qui Nguyen

historic! WSOP Main Event Breaks Attendance Record

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