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Player who answers attempted murder charge wins bracelet

Player Awaiting Trial on Attempted Murder Charges...

The WSOP in Las Vegas includes 95 in-person events and an additional 20 online events highlighted as part of the list, but only in Nevada. However, the site also operates in three other U.S. locations and offers bracelet events during that time. In Michigan, a champion drew attention, but because of a police report.

Rudy Gavaldon won Event 03 ($500 NLH Turbo 6-Max) at Michigan to take home $20,193 and a bracelet. Leading US media site PokerNews did the research and using the information they got from the WSOP (full name and city of residence) they found that there is only one Rudy Gavaldon in the state. They found a player who was in trouble on the court.

Gavaldon, a 36-year-old man from Traverse City, is awaiting trial and is a repeat defendant on charges of attempted murder in an incident that occurred on July 29 last year. In 2011, he pleaded guilty to burglary and trespassing. He was sentenced to 11 months in prison and 36 months of probation.

The report sought to ascertain whether Gavaldon was not in custody on the day of his bracelet victory (June 18), but he has been at liberty awaiting trial since last August. Rudy won the event on under the moniker “Flyheim86”. The number refers to 1986, the year the accused player was born.

The allegations in this case are very serious. He himself called the police for his wife, saying she was “in critical condition and in need of medical attention”. While Rudy was traveling with one of the couple’s children, his wife Lara was found and taken to the nearest hospital. Due to her serious injuries, she was later airlifted to another man while he was in custody.

Rudy was taken to the Grand Traverse County Jail on charges of “assault with intent to murder.” Last September, a friend of Laura’s started an online fundraiser to raise $50,000 for medical expenses. So far, over $29,000 has been raised.

In October, Lara posted about the case on Instagram. The American said she had never been attacked by Rudy before and that Rudy was under the influence of strong drugs and alcohol on the fateful day. She was blind in one eye and had multiple fractures in her face. Laura had to undergo three delicate surgeries. Nearly a year after her fall, she has recovered, despite the lasting effects of the domestic violence she suffered.

Player Awaiting Trial on Attempted Murder Charges...

Luckyjango Wins Sunday Surprise Mystery and Trip to Namibia

Luckyjango Wins Sunday Surprise Mystery and Trip t...

Yesterday stood the Regular Tournament and the Mini World Series of Poker – events that were always in the spotlight at Winamax .fres.

Sunday entirely at the French Hall 37Five-figure prize money tournament instead of where 1, 28 million was poured out in the bonus.

The most famous contest is the Sunday SurpriseMystery €10 won by “Luckyjango”. “, with a cash prize of €9 ,Chapter 85929 to take home, additionally 13-day, 12-day trip to Namibia for 2.

Four other races awarded prizes worth over €10,000 to the winners.

  • n33d100kfast ” wins 200 euros prize Battle Royale ( 19 euros , Chapter 56474 ).
  • 0stral0 Pitek” won 50 Eurosgold time and received €15 , 017 92 .
  • Open folder ” won 17 euros , 214 92 thanks His win in the €250 High Roller .
  • and “good poker‘ won that Main Event KO – a day (€17 ,739,41 ).

What is Prize PoolCare, Beyond FourTournament Jackpot €100,000 :

  • Battle Royale (€112,000).
  • Sunday Surprise Mystery (€122,000).
  • Prime Time (€142,000). ).
  • Main Event KO (€135,000).

There are 6 other tournaments with prize money of more than 30,000 euros.

New day with regular tournament

b>Waiting for us today, with seasoning Mini World Series of Poker -events.

Responsible Gambling. Online poker rooms have various systems in place to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

Luckyjango Wins Sunday Surprise Mystery and Trip t...

Clau297big had a quiet Sunday at PokerStars, leading the Reds

Clau297big had a quiet Sunday at PokerStars, leadi...

The Regular Tournament is the focus of PokerStars this weekend. Yesterday Sunday there were 10 tournaments with jackpot prizes of €10,000 or more. One of the MTTs ended with Spain winning.

clau297big” won the 10€ Bounty Night and Call Home for 2,311.14€. The event had 2,323 entries and a total prize pool of €20,907.

With this win, La Roja has won 16 in yesterday’s MTT total. These are Sunday’s Spanish winners:

Today we received PokerStars’ Daily Regular Tournament Schedule. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

Clau297big had a quiet Sunday at PokerStars, leadi...

Latin gladiators seek glory from giant gladiators

Latin gladiators seek glory from giant gladiators

Event 18 Day 1D: $300 Gladiator of Poker is creating at the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) at the Las Vegas Horseshoe and Paris The largest edition series in the world in history.

The number of participants for flights a, b, c, and d on the first day was 3,940, 4,571, 6,110, and 8,467, which means that the total number of participants is 23102! The 2023 WSOP’s highest value to date, well beyond the original $3,000,000 guaranteed.

After 22 levels of competition, only 320 players remained. Mary Jo Phillips leads with 2,965,000 chips. Phillips showed steady improvement over the last few levels, but by the end of the night, she had a massive 2 million chip pot that put her at the top and will start Day 2 with one of the biggest stacks.

Patrick White is the top four-

As for the Latin American gladiators who are still in the running

Leandro Lorenzi – 2,170,000 (cover photo) Joaquin Beretta- 1,525,000 Hernan Krexl- 1,140,000 Julian Rugner – 1,115,000 Andrés Campello – 830,000 Matias Morana – 805,000 Jose Alfaro – 655000 Ho Se Vega- 62500, Franco Vizzotto- 580000 Atala Mercada- 460000 Juan Reynoso – 440000 Rodrigo Diguez – 435000 Leo Fernandez – 295000 Dorian Rios – 270000 Gabriel Garcia – 210000

Gladiator Day 2 Poker Tournament starts this Sunday at 10am . Grinders who survived the entirety of day one will play 17 levels of 40 minutes each, with the final table on day three. There is a 20-minute break after every three levels, then a 60-minute dinner break at level 31 around 19:00.

Latin gladiators seek glory from giant gladiators

Michael Rodrigues is first Baduji world champion

Michael Rodrigues is first Baduji world champion

Michael Rodrigues of Portugal has won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) inaugural Badugui Championship. Event #20: The $1,500 Badugi, held at the Horseshoe and Paris in Las Vegas, attracted a whopping 516 entries and generated an impressive $688,866 prize pool. The final three returned yesterday for an unexpected fourth day of competition, all vying for the first prize of $144,678 and the coveted gold bracelet.

Li Yingui failed to have the honor of becoming the first world champion in this profession.

In less than an hour of game time, Michael Rodriguez defeated Li Yingui, leading in chips earlier in the day heads-up. Rodriguez won the biggest prize of his live tournament career. He was clearly thrilled, and when the final decisive pot was delivered to him, he threw up his hands.

The victory was significant for Rodrigues as he was immortalized as the first champion to have a Badugui-sole bracelet exclusively made. WSOP events. By next year, he can rightfully be the best baduji player in the world.

The competition itself was a huge success, exceeding all expectations, with a large number of participants and a sizeable prize pool. The WSOP is constantly breaking down barriers and offering new variations to satisfy players’ appetites and keep poker fun.

There is no doubt that this milestone will leave a deep mark in the history of the WSOP. Inspiration for future events and competitions dedicated to this exciting card game.

Event #20: $1,500 Badugi

Buy-In: $1,500Number of Participants: 516Pot: $688,860

Final Table

1. Ranking: Michael Rodrigues – $144,678 2nd place: Li Yingui – $89,415 3rd place: Serhii Popovych – $59,879 4th place: Matt Venggrin – $40,996 5th Place: Danny Tang – $28,270 6th Place: Owais Ahmed – $20,557

Latinos on the cash list

52. : Renan Bruschi – $3,012

*Full bonus.

  • Where did badugi come from and how is it played?

Although the exact origins of this fascinating game are unknown, it is believed to have originated in Korea in the second half of the 20th century. Others claim it became popular in Canada in the 1980s under the name “Off Suit Lowball”. Badugi The name is said to come from the Korean word “baduk” or “badug”, referring to the black and white pattern.

In Badugi the goal is to make the lowest hand of four cards of different rank and suit. Any ace is considered low, and the best hand you can make is A-2-3-4 of suit, a real gem in this exciting game.

With a fixed limit game format and four rounds of betting, every fold and every bet will keep you on your toes as critical moments approach. Below you can find the English tutorial, but you can turn on the Spanish subtitles and you will learn how to play in 10 minutes.

Michael Rodrigues is first Baduji world champion

Brazilian Scores Deal and Wins Over $120,000 at GGWF Global Million$

Those who compete in the more accessible tournaments at the GGPoker World Gala can also win coveted six-figure prize money. In the special edition Global Million$, two Brazilians won more than $120,000 in prize money. Champion Diego “DALET” Arcas topped the leaderboard with $120,979, while “TinnaTurn” finished third with $141,254 thanks to a three-hand deal.

The mysterious “TinnaTurn” left the rainy season tiebreaker. “TinnaTurn” made it rain in the tiebreaker. “TinnaTurn” found himself in the rain early in the game, but he made his movie debut and took the top spot of the trio competition on his own.

Diego, on the other hand, grew in the FT after doubling up against Argentina’s “Ya Era Vo”. With A♥K♣ against A♠K♦, he hit the board with 4♣10♣Q♣2♣7♠ and took the pot.

This deck also prevents green-yellow doubles. In another all-in preflop, “TinnaTurn” hit A♠9♠ against “Nightst@lker’s” A♣6♥. A lead of 6♠2♥5♦6♣7♠ saved the Dutchman, who doubled up.

In a heads-up game full of lead changes, Diego held Q♦2♦ and he called all-in from “Nightst@lker” on board 9♦3♥6♦A♦ Q♥. With A♥K♥, the European has less than 20 BBS in chips.

Next, Diego opens on the button with A♥8♣ and then 4-bets all-in. “Nightst@lker” shouted, K♣Q♠. The advantage of A♣5♦3♥10♣9♥ did not allow Diego and Brazil to win the Global Million again.

With 45,753 US$50 entries, the Global Millions exceeded the US$2,0230,000 guaranteed and US$2,104,638 in prizes given away. Check out how much each finalist took home:

1. Diego “DALET” Arcas (Brazil) $120,979*.

2. “Nightst@lker” (Netherlands) $120,782*

3. “TinnaTurn” (Brazil) $141,254*

4. Peterson “PetersonRJ ” Machado (Brazil) $66,902

5. “PartOfTheGame” (Brazil) $50,161

6. “theheroguy” (Brazil) $37,258

7. “Ya Era Vo” (Argentina) $27,464

8. “Louisthe3rd” (New Zealand) $19,925

9. “WindyHippo707” (Canada) $15,112

Bruno Volkmann Misses HU Poker in SCOOP Event 43-H

Poker star Bruno Volkmann was the SCOOP champion two years ago and was just one knockout away from repeating the feat tonight. In Event 43-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (6-Max, Progressive KO), the “Great Dant” account rider was defeated in a twists and turns heads-up. While the Santa Catarina native won $55,593, Slovenia’s Blaž “Scarmak3r” Žerjav topped the list with $66,341.

After losing the lead in the second hand of the duel, Volkmann caught up to Žerjav’s run, could not be stopped and had nine BBS against 148.

The unfavorable situation did not discourage the Brazilian, who gained an advantage, but it wasn’t long before the pro found himself in a critical situation again. Volkmann held A♣A♥ and called Žerjavs all-in with 7♣7♥J♣9♣. The Slovenian held 10♠7♦ before turning 9tales into an ace with 5♣ on the river.

Volkmann, now isolated at the top, entered the action cleanly before declaring an all-in. Şerjav called with 10♣10♠. Volkmann dominated with A♥8♦ and got plenty of outs on the 6♦5♦3♦ flop, but the 9♣ turn and 8♣ river kept Žerjav in the game.

The pair then continued to trade places first until Žerjav opened the gap for the win. Here’s what happened in the final hand:

With the blinds at 300,000/600,000 and an ante of 75,000, Volkmann made the small bet and Žerjav decided to check. The flop came 9♥8♥3♦ and both folded. On the 10♦ turn, Volkmann bet 975,000. Žerjav responded with a check-raise to 2,880,000 and then called his opponent’s 3-bet all-in for 11,277,762. 10♣8♥ vs 7♣6♥, Volkmann was not saved by the river 7♥.

Not long after, Volkmann also played in the final of Event 53-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (PKO, single re-entry). He was eliminated in fifth place for another $7,645.

Alexis Lopez leads Day 1A at Winclub Platinum Vallarta

Main event kicks off at Winclub Casino with first flight to Mexico Alexis Lopez Finish the event as the chip leader and lead the qualifiers.

Winclub Platinum Vallarta Day 1A of the Main Event counted the top 35 participants who were part of the $3 million guaranteed to win.

Last morning, Lopez was Towers topped the list with 476,000, followed by Luis Leon 371,000.

Only 5 lucky players remained at the table and are now resting waiting for the next flight. Day 1B will take place this Tuesday at 15:00 local time and all live events can be followed on live blog.

For more information on the day’s schedule, including High Scooters and Satellites, will be available on the Festival Website and the Official Fabebook Site available on

Winclub Vallarta Platinum Main Event

Day 1APlayer Stack

Today’s Show: More Main Events and High Rollers in Vallarta

The Winclub Platinum Vallarta agenda continues this Tuesday with plenty of action at two key events and other parallel events.

Winclub Casino is a great arena for 5 games running until 21 may happen more than €4 million in guaranteed prizes.

Highlights of the day will be It is the Main Event with a buy-in of 6,000 MXN, and it will be handled on Day 1B. Starting stacks are 50,000 points, late registration up to level 10, 30 and 40 minute blinds. All prize pools are 3 million Mexican Pesos.

For the high rollers, Day 2 will also feature a 1 million peso guarantee with 20,000 MXN and 40 minutes High Roller .

As if that wasn’t enough, Multiple Live Satellite Events b> will compete with WPT Global’s 20+ seatsMexico City Competition and other Main Event and High Roller events. Other venues in Mexicali, Aguascalientes and Cosmopol will also hold qualifiers.

For those who enjoy the thrill of cash games for For For players, there will be a Cash Festival during the tournament.

All information can also be found on the Festival website, as well as on the Official Fabebook page, where you can find some accommodation options and special offers.

Tuesday’s Red MTTs on PokerStars are led by Luisitoo01.

Regular tournaments were the main focus of attention on Tuesday at PokerStars.

The room with the red spade organized 9 tournaments with prize pools of more than €10,000 and €170k in prizes. One of the aforementioned MTTs ended with a Hispanic triumph.

Luisitoo01 won the €10 Bounty Builder, taking home a prize of €1,215.68. The tournament had a field of 1,294 entries and a prize pool of €11,646.

Counting these wins, La Roja had a total of 15 victories yesterday. These were the Spanish winners:

“mcma9” (PKO €5).

“pacojvc” (PKO 5€).

“stuffim” (SuperStack 1€).

“migueestars” (PKO 20€).

“fransersas” (SuperStack 5€).

“ElBugsBunny” (SuperStack 5€).

“mohtaf” (Daily Omaha £10).

“Luisitoo01” (Bounty Builder $10).

“easyquads” (Omaha H/L 10€).* “easyquads” (Omaha H/L 10€).

“trunk_bro” (Bounty Builder 5€).

“abdoulkadri” (PKO 1€).

“Dogman 185” (Hold’em NL €0.50).

“Monstick” (SuperStack Turbo €10).

“BLAS PAEZ” (Hold’em NL 0.50€).

“Gambitarochil” (Hold’em NL €1).

The Spaniards achieved 5 doubles (marked in the list with an asterisk) and the balance in the HU was 10 wins vs. 14 second places.

These are the results of the regular tournaments with 5-figure pots:

Isaev Vladislav (PKO €10 6-Max. Prize: €1.277,93. Field: 1,458. Prize pool: €13,122. Country: Mexico).

Iports (Bigger €50. Prize: €2,664.27. Field: 336. Field: 336. Prize pool: €15,120. Country: Brazil).

britaa (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €3,151.72. Field: 3,054. Prize pool: €27,486. Country: Portugal).

RuslanHugo (Thunder 50€. Prize: €4,681.66. Field: €4,681.66. Prize pool: €629. Field: 629. Prize pool: €30,000. Country: Armenia).

felix_sahakian (Night on Stars €100. Prize: €3,964.01. Field: 234. Field: 234. Prize pool: €21,060. Country: Armenia).

Luisitoo01 (BB £10. Prize: £1,215.68. Field: 1,294. Prize pool: £11,646. Country: Spain).

Leoa1965 (BB £20. Prize: £1,356.48. Field: 607. Prize pool: £10,926. Country: Portugal).

MrsBernieMadoff (Big Bang €50. Prize pool: €3,071.43. Field: 425. Field: 425. Prize pool: €20,000. Country: France).

FoldeameUna (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €2,210.84. Field: 2,313. Prize pool: €20,817. Country: Argentina).

Today the regular tournaments will again be the main focus of attention on PokerStars. VGL, Spaniards!

Responsible gaming. Playing online poker under the age of 18 is illegal.

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