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Satellites to the SPF Spring series

As per usual, Pokerdom will serve as the starting point for satellites leading to the Sochi Poker Festival Spring Live Series at the Casino Sochi. This time, the buy-in is 70,000 rubles, and the winner will get a seat in the Spring Festival main event.

Starting on March 27 and continuing every day until April 16, satellites may be found in the Pokerdom lobby. Final qualifiers take place every Sunday, giving participants a chance to claim their spot. Get a couple extra tickets so you always have a “in” to the live series in case anything comes up.

You may get started qualifying on Pokerdom without spending a dime, since the lobby freeroll begins every day at 17:00 (MSC) and allows for reentry.

The fee to re-enter the SPF Spring Main Event Freeroll on Day 1A is 10 rubles. Five 550-Ruble satellite entry tickets will be awarded as the prize pool.

Daily satellite with rebuys and additions is conducted at 20:00 Moscow time.

The buy-in for the satellite to the SPF Spring Main Event Day 1A was 550 rubles. Three 7,000 ruble tickets to the championship game will be awarded as a prize.

On Sundays at twilight, don’t miss the last satellite before the big fight for a spot in Sochi. For 7,000 rubles, players may re-enter the tournament at any time. The weekly finals prize pool consists of five 70,000 ruble certificates.

The tickets for the main event are distributed on Day 1A. Poker players who acquire coupons will have their entries into the designated event paid for in full. Winners of multiple satellite event tickets may utilize them at the next qualifying event of the same kind. After April 16th, no ticket will be refunded.

A poker player who has won more than one entrance to a certain tournament may utilize any extra entries to re-enter the tournament. If the winner is unable to use their winning ticket to visit Casino Sochi, they will not be given a refund.

Initial sticker swap for the second season of Winamax Live Sessions.

Winamax has recently released the second segment of the Winamax Live Sessions’ second season.

The Gran Casino de Aranjuez presents this latest part of the French room’s rendition of the mythological series about High Stakes cash games, a topic that has been popular with viewers since the advent of poker on television.

Like similar programs, such as High Stakes Poker, the first season of the series, which can be seen in its entirety in our Winamax Live Sessions library, reveals the personalities of certain players who mature in front of the cameras and in the most challenging conditions. These are already fan favorites, such as Yaman Nakdali and Tom Bedell, who return to the new table’s roster.

Speaking of fan favorites, this week sees the return to the schedule of Team Pro member Leo Margets, who has been absent this season. In order to create place for him, we must split ways with his companion, lex Romero.

Not just “And1ero” moves to the bench, but others do as well. Ignacio Molina also finds a successor, in this instance Sergio Fernandez, a national poker legend with vast expertise at the top levels of live cash play.

Let’s evaluate which characters are returning for the second season.

The aggressiveness of Yaman Nakdali made him a successful player.

Ral Mestre is a Spanish Hall of Fame inductee and famous tactician.

Leo Margets is the finest athlete in the nation. Tournament professional.

Adrián Mateos (Team Winamax) is the leader of the Spanish poker community.

Mustapha Kanit (Team Winamax) is a circuit legend. How will he get the cash?

Sergio Fernandez still attends music festivals, but he now performs away from the cameras and for cash.

Manu Saavedra is one of the most dreaded regulators in the present nosebleeds.

Tom Bedell: The High Roller was the inaugural season’s biggest surprise.

The Winamax Live Sessions will adhere to the following guidelines:

Increase the blinds to 50/100 with a 100 BB Ante.

Straddle is optional from UTG for €200.

Run it: Participants in the pot select how many flops, turns, and rivers are discarded when a player goes all-in.

Buy-in: Deepest game! The minimum buy-in increases to 100 blinds (€10,000), but the maximum remains unrestricted.

The 7-2 rule is still in effect. The winner of an NLHE hand with the poorest hand play earns an additional blind or straddle from each opponent.

The fifth episode of the second season of Winamax Live Sessions is now available on YouTube.

Madrid evaluates the potential CEP+Estrellas formula.

In the wake of the Winamax Poker Tour, the nation’s capital is preparing for a new event that hopes to attract equally absurd amounts of money to the table.

Putting aside Pokerstars’ determination to bend over itself to accommodate its new offering into the tight national schedule, it is intriguing to see how the new model will function, in which a respected brand like the CEP would become a subsidiary of the resurrected Estrellas Poker Tour.

It is an equation that has been solved in past EPT Barcelona tournaments, a mega-festival in which none of the circuits that have followed it for years have lost their individuality. Pokerstars was able to preserve the iconography, structures, and local flavor of its secondary circuits, providing the Estrellas and the CEP with the enormous advantage of a prelude to Europe’s greatest tournament every August.

The distinction between a temporary union and this new combination of dates for the two local circuits should not be forgotten. All of these, however, are office-level factors that may or may not be of importance. At street level, everything seems advantageous to the gamer.

The Casino Gran Madrid has been decked up in festival colors for many days, and those who like to warm up may do so with satellites right now; nevertheless, the competition for the major events begins on Thursday.

With the joint efforts of the CEP and the Estrellas, the red spade room is able to provide 11 days of high-quality poker at a range of pricing points. It advertises these competitions on its website. The whole schedule is available on Pokerstar Live’s website.

None of the attractions of two of the most popular circuits in our country are sacrificed, and it remains only to determine the features of this odd addition, whether and in what manner the total of the elements affects the result. The precedents are really reassuring.

The 2022 Top Poker Halls in Turkey

Turkey’s Internet Poker Market

In the 1990s, when tourism in Turkey was booming, the gaming sector also took up. Yet as a result, a third of the residents developed gambling addictions. As a result, in 1997, the government made the unpopular decision to outright outlaw casinos throughout the country of Turkey. Only in the tourist hotspots did such establishments persist.

A further development saw the opening of a dedicated gambling zone in Northern Cyprus, which is currently home to the annual Merit Poker and Triton Poker tournament series.

Poker rooms in Turkey have been illegal since 2007.

IDDAA is the only online gambling platform that complies with local law. Using other platforms to play is illegal. A large number of PREMIER ROOMS have withdrawn from the market (pokerstars, partypoker, 888poker, iPoker Network).

Isolating and blocking online poker users

Aside from the existence of fines and the National Internet Security System, which saves all the addresses that Turkish users go to in their browsers, the seriousness of the approach to the prohibition of online gambling is expressed through the blocking of poker room websites and, in some cases, even their clients.

Turkish ISPs block access to all gaming sites save those licensed by the IDDAA.

The locations of the rooms are inaccessible, and the customers of some of those rooms may have difficulties in their job as a direct result of their conduct (Chico Network, Coin Poker, Everygame Poker, Vbet Poker). There are never any issues with customers on the top sites catering to people in this nation.

Ways of Deposit and Withdrawal

Due to the country’s strict regulations on gambling, Turkish poker players have just one viable payment option: virtual currency.

Due to its high exchange rate in comparison to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) has the highest charge per transaction and is not recommended for amounts under $1,000.

Here, the fee to send hundreds of dollars worth of the stablecoin Tether (ERC20 network) or ether is just a few dollars.

Other cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple) allow for relatively tiny transactions with a fee size of several cents (or, in the case of Litecoin, $0,20-$0,30). This group is also responsible for USDT on the TRC20 network.

Paying taxes on a prize.

Due to the total prohibition of playing via offshore sites, it is not possible to pay taxes on online winnings in Turkey.

For tax purposes, many seasoned live poker players choose to relocate to a country with more favorable gaming tax laws. People that engage in online rolling do not flaunt their money or try to legitimize it via other means.

Top Turkish Athletes


Entrepreneur and full-time UK resident Orpen Kisacikoglu tops the list of the country’s most successful poker players. He has earned $8,964,914 from live tournaments. The Turk began focusing on high-stakes competition in 2019, and since then he has won the vast majority of them.

Orpen won the €100,000 first-place prize at the partypoker MILLIONS Europe series in Rozvadov in August 2019, making it the first time he has cashed for more than $1 million.

In May of 2022, he defeated Orpen Kisacicoglu for his greatest victory to that point. He earned $2,130,921 for finishing second in the €100K Maine Triton Poker Series.

The largest amount won in an online event by a Turkish player was $775,780, won by Koray Korkmaz, a mid-limit MTT grinder with almost 4,000 online tournament cashes. Like many of his compatriots, he likes spending time in Northern Cyprus to go practicing sports. Koray has amassed approximately $500,000 in tournament earnings at this site.


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Almaz Zhdanov is Russia’s first WSOP Online 2022 champion

Almost half of the WSOP Online 2022 bracelet events are now over, and Dirty Amino 14 has made it to the final tables of many of them. Check out the details of his win in this article.

Almaz Zhdanov - 2022 WSOP Online Poker Player of the Year

Bracelet for Diamond

Like last year, our irons at wsop Online

“Alister333” will be awarded $2,500 and $246,495 for Event #14 Deepstack Championship NLH.

The tournament drew 705 entries in total, with only 20 players making the second day.

Other results include:

Bubble Boy was Victor Malinovsky.

It is interesting that exactly one month ago Zhdanov won the Battle of Malta Main Event and won for $5,583 $400K. At the same time, it is halfway between two years.

Final Table

Finnish Deepstack Championship WSOP Online 2022

On the other hand, the carousel was filled for over a year. Among the latter of course was Patrick Leonard who won his first bracelet in Vegas this year.

But it was Michael “GambitPoker” Buznik of Israel, who entered the tournament via satellite and before that played a good plus tournament with an average BI of $35.

Almost immediately, the Brit knocked Roland “Gwriden” Rokita (99-77) from the table to become chip leader. After that the game fell apart for Pads, who lost a few bucks to short players and gave his last chips to Bulgarian Alex “FutureofMe” Kuleev in A8-A7 showdown and received only $47,405 for seventh place.

When the hardware writes the required properties:

The Russian made his last two outs after preflop showdowns.


The heads-up game went very well. Everything could have been over in the first draw, but the russian was unable to win against A8-zabordanak.

“Tony c norur “kaukua from finland first cut his lead considerably in the heads-up draw, but won two big ones and regained status status.

In the final hand, Zhdanov shored up K9 by playing a check-raise flop, a bet on the turn and an all-in river on the AKK63 board. Tony couldn’t rebound with AQ.

The poker player who wanted it and wanted it and his team wants it now at WSOP Online 2022.

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Sonic Race – €70,000 on Stretch

Starting November 21, 2022, the Stretch Network (Vbet and Grompoker) will be launching a new table-only Fast Poker Sonic Race with €70,000 worth of prize money divided over six weekly leaderboards for a month.

Sonic Race €70,000 at Stretch Network Rooms

racing function

Stretch Poker Network (formerly BetConstruct) launched 6 Limit Fast Poker Hold’em and Omaha on October 10, but players in its room opted to continue playing on regular tables, while Sonic Poker’s action only passed €40 Connect each peak to NL2 Euro.

This is probably why the network management decided to increase the traffic on the new 5 Max table by introducing a new regular tournament:

Starting November 21, 2022, Vbet and Grompoker will be offering a Sonic Race only for Quick Poker players with a total prize pool of €70,000 for 4 weeks.

However, the Kings event, which included the regular table, was cancelled.

  1. Each limit in Sonic Poker Hold’em and Omaha has its own leaderboard.
  2. In the first three weeks, the prize money for all leaderboards is 15,000 Euros, and in the fourth week 25,000 Euros. Then the cycle repeats.
  3. The top 10-15 players will receive prizes for each leaderboard.
  4. Points are calculated using the following formula: Points = (Commission*0.7+0.8*log2.7(Commission^2/3))*2 (1 point for a commission of approximately 2 EUR).
  5. Weekly rounds end on Sunday at 22:00 Kiev time.
  6. Withdrawals will be credited to the account within the next 48 hours.

Bonus distribution table

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XL Retro Series Tournaments – $1,700,000 Guarantee at 888 Poker

888poker for the second time in time for its anniversary in 2022 (20 years since it opened) has decided to collect old tournaments from different years into one series and include them in the regular room grid. A minimum of $1,400,000 will be drawn in just 27 numbered XL Retro Series events, as well as an additional $300,000 in 3 daily events.

XL Retro Series $1.7 million Guarantee, 888 Poker

Series Features

For the second time this year, poker room 888poker is offering its players the opportunity to play in tournaments that were part of the regular schedule in different years but have since been cancelled. Retro Week $888K GTD was entirely out of them in March, and a new festival will soon follow similar principles:

The XL Retro Collection is scheduled to run from Oct. 9-24, 2022. More than $1,400,000 in guaranteed prize money in the 27 numbered tournaments in which it has participated.

This series is unlike any indoor championships this year:

  1. In addition to the $11-525 two-way tournament, three $1050 (XL Retro #12 and #13 for $45000) and $2100 (XL Retro #26 for $150000), $1050 and $2100 ($150000 XL Retro #26) are also on the schedule. .
  2. Compared to the XL Spring Series, the average margin has increased by a quarter to approximately $52,000. Although the average buy-in (not including the 3 most expensive tournaments) rose to $144 (8%). Of course, nearly a million in announced prize money will be awarded to Big 4 participants.
  3. Three additional MTTs will be held every day except Sunday as part of the series: the $6,000 XL Retro Big Shot 11, the $12,000 XL Retro PKO Rumble 22 and the $12,000 XL Retro Big Shot 55 (to be held after the close on October 17). Together they will add about $300,000 in prize money.

Also, in addition to the old tournaments, two more events in the now popular PKO format – Mystery Bounty (with guarantees of $33, $215 BI and $20 and $200,000) will start on October 16. The random payout will begin after the late registration period ends.

On September 25, 2022, 888poker will host a first-of-its-kind tournament. A one-hundred-thousandth guaranteed, nearly doubled up. Players made 1,887 entries for $109. The 89th-place player wins the $10,000 grand prize.

Schedule the full XL Vintage collection:

main activity

XL-Retro-Series-888poker Main Event

The Main Event will be a single multi-day event.

16 races, XL Retro #27 with a $500,000 buy-in – $250 Main Event will run from October 20-24. Day 2 starts at 10 p.m. Moscow time on the final day.

As you can see, there are three different types of structure on Day 1: increasing blinds every 3, 6 and 12 minutes. Starting stacks were 166.7 BB in all cases, and on the last day they were left by 14% of registered players, or all players remaining at the table after the 18th level.

The satellite freerolls for the main tournament (three games a day, 21 tickets guaranteed) started on September 30. Later there will be qualifiers with steps and real buy-ins.



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Online Poker in Slovakia 2022 | Best Poker Rooms

In Slovakia, since the very beginning of the state’s existence, gambling has been tried to make it legal. How the idea came about, and which poker rooms local players end up choosing, you can find out in this article.

Online poker in Slovakia 2022

Best poker rooms in Slovakia

GG poker

The main skin for GGNetwork, the world’s largest poker site. The day-long event features hundreds of gaming tables in a variety of formats with unlimited stakes. Bonus offers include multiple games, jackpots, and a 100% first deposit bonus up to $600. The loyalty system has a 10-60% payback.

poker king

The Winning network is the most famous room in Europe and has been on the market for over 10 years, with a large number of players from the US playing at tables from Micro Limit to NL/PLO5K$. Grinders from Slovakia can earn up to 65% rebates on the VIP program and be a part of two tournaments. Get a 100% bonus up to $2,000 within 60 days of your first deposit.

tiger game

One of the best sites to play 9-max with Americans, also has traffic for 6-max SnG. Maximum active limits are $5/$10 bets. Players earn discounts by playing in several different types of poker tournaments.

WPT Global.

WPT Global is a new room focused on the Asian market, but accepts players from some European countries and Slovakia. Cash games are almost entirely focused on 8-max Texas Hold’em tables with ante and bets up to NL1.5K$. You cannot play at more than one table.

gambling laws

Gambling has been officially legal in Slovakia since the country’s founding in 1993, but unlike most of its neighbors, the last major update to the law in this area came just recently, in 2019.

Since 2005, online gambling in Slovakia is legal if a company has obtained a local license.

The biggest challenge now is exactly getting a license in the country. Officially, the minority issued expires in 2023 and cannot be renewed.

Only bingo, betting shops and lottery stores of the state-owned company TIPOS are allowed.

The status of online poker

The latest online poker licensing rules were passed in 2019, which resulted in many of the big roums that planned to legalize in Slovakia leaving the market altogether because of poor conditions.

In Slovakia, online poker is officially allowed, but there are virtually no legal roums in the country, and offshore sites are blocked by vendors and prohibited transactions in their favor.

In 2021, it even got to the point where one of the local internet providers even blocked Twich because of poker streaming by Slovak players.

In that case, poker players in the country would either emigrate or continue to use cryptocurrencies for any transactions.

the best player in slovakia

Jan Bendik

The leaderboard of the best players in domestic live tournaments comes from the old school of live poker.

Since 2005, Jan Bendik has won about 200 tournaments and earned over $3.5 million. Nearly a third of that ($1,096,568) came from winning the 2016 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event.

Samuel Stranach brought his country its only WSOP bracelet in 2021 with a top bracelet at the Rosewood Omaha Championship.

The younger generation of Slovak poker players prefer to play online. Dominik “DomDess101” Desset stands out among them. He has more than $500,000 in his account, the vast majority of which has been won since 2020.



best poker room


Slovakia online poker

You may walk away from poker, but it will always be a part of you, as Vanessa Selbst says upon her return.

After retiring in 2018, one of the greatest players in the game, Vanessa Selbst, has decided to come out of retirement and compete in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, among other matches in Las Vegas.

“You may quit poker, but it never leaves you,” Vanessa Selbst says upon her comeback.

Former PokerStars ambassador and three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst, widely regarded as the game’s greatest female player, retired from the game in 2018 to focus on her career and family life, and was only inducted into the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame in December 2022.

Around $12 million is part of Vanessa Selbst’s live tournament wins.

She’s 39 years old and has settled down with a husband and two small children, but her days of playing poker are far from over.

“Selbst added, “You can quit poker, but he doesn’t leave you. That was all I really thought about for a long time. And it would be unusual if we didn’t feel that impulse occasionally, but you can leave poker and he won’t leave you.” Speculation on my part.”

Self recently joined the World Series of Poker as a member of the WSOP Thrill Team, a group of poker ambassadors that also includes modern stars like Adam Hendrix, Ethan “Rampage” Yau, Samantha Abernathy, and Landon Tice, as well as legends like the Finnish poker player Patrik Antonius and the current Main Event champion, Espen Jorstad. Self retired from professional poker five years ago.

Poker players all around the globe will be able to interact with Selbst via the WSOP’s free-to-play app, and she has confirmed to our friends at that she will be returning to the WSOP this summer to compete in the Main Event and other events.

When asked why he decided to return to poker, Selbst replied, “Honestly, I was just looking for an excuse to get back (to poker). I’ve missed it.” Selbst added, “I know I’m going to play in the WSOP and I can’t have the same expectations I used to have for myself. But obviously I want to win and I’m very competitive, so I guess we’ll see what happens.”

Pedro Oliveira, a Portuguese player, solved the Mystery K.O. at the BSOP So Paulo and took home more than R$120,000.

When Brazilians don’t win big at the BSOP So Paulo, the celebrations continue in Lusophone style anyhow. On the third day of the event, Pedro Oliveira yelled “Champion!” in the Mystery K.O., ensuring Portugal another another championship. The professional also received R$121,800 in addition to the bounty.

The stipulated prize fund of R$500,000 was more than quadrupled when 1,669 players each contributed R$1,000 to the event. Brazilians Murilo Orsi and Marcelo Medeiros joined Pedro on the podium, with Orsi taking home R$67,540 and Medeiros R$47,020.

Igor Rezende was the final chip leader in Event 11: $1200 PL Omaha PKO. He won R$14,453 for his efforts. Haendel Mouro (who came in second) and Pablo Menezes (who came in third) both received tens of thousands of reals because of a bargain.

Event 9: $2,000 NL Hold’em Freezeout was won by Lucas Tavares. He eliminated 187 opponents and cashed in for R$68,000.

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