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Galfond makes a joke about the hand’s 15 potential reflections and lists them.

Phil Galfond is widely regarded as one of the best poker theorists of all time, and he makes excellent use of social media to disseminate his ideas and advice. The inventor of the “Run It Once” school, who always receives a lot of attention on Twitter, just wrote a wonderful tweet describing the thoughts going through his brain during a poker hand.

Galfond listed 15 different ways a poker hand might cause a player to reevaluate their strategy. At the very end, he managed to crack a joke on one of the most “controversial” issues in the area. Before that, however, the ideas presented may aid many players in comprehending the game’s inner workings.

See these:

One – Identify my hand. (Standard operating procedure)

Question 2: Is there any value in this hand?

Three, in what range does this hand fall?

Fourthly, do proficient blockers think it’s adequate?

5 – What am I hoping to achieve by taking the following step?

Six, do I have any playable hands?

Can I improve the folding of my hands?

To what extent do I have equity in my hand to fold?

When his opponent takes two minutes to think it through, Doug Polk makes three overbets on the river and takes down a $200,000 pot.

How far can I go?

Ten- Where does my foe’s range extend to?

11- Can you describe the board’s feel?

12 – Who has the most stake in this company?

13 – On this board, who has the nuts?

14 – How much do my good hands want to wager?

15- Which bluffs are most effective at different betting levels?

Galfond didn’t pass up the chance to make a joke by writing a 17th notion after producing these 15, some of which were easier and others of which were more difficult. He built his joke on a dispute between players Nik Airball and Matt Berkey.

The online banter between these two Americans escalated into a challenge issued by Airball to Berkey. The host of a popular poker podcast accepted the offer under certain terms, and the two parties agreed to find a mediator jointly. Try to guess who was picked. Galfond, Phil!

Therefore, Galfond’s sixteenth musing was as follows:

16- What possessed me to accept to act as a referee in the match between Airball and Berkey?

The winner of Berkey vs. Airball’s highly pricey heads-up match will be decided by Galfond.

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Why Sean Deeb wasted his money on the WSOPC tournaments

During the WSOPC Series, we spoke about protein bars and the money Sean Deeb spent.

Sean Deeb took home the gold in the WSOP Circuit Series in New York. After the festival was over, he told PokerNews a hilarious anecdote involving a package of protein bars and a discarded ten grand.

D.J. McKinnon, a close friend of Sean’s from Buffalo, came to the series as well to present Sean with a cash gift. Deeb claims that they often fool about with one other, and that one such incident almost cost them $10,000.

McKinnon approached Sean after a match and gave him a package of protein bars after the massage chair was taken away.

He walks over and sets the box of protein bars in front of my pile, saying, “Here, eat the protein bars.” That’s not something I’m going to do! To which Deeb replies, “Do whatever you want,” before walking off.

The masseuse refused Sean’s offer of candy bars. He then set the box down at his feet and resumed playing in the event.

Sean quit the tournament 20 minutes later, after two failed entry into the $400 event and a chance meeting with McKinnon. Once Deeb said that he’d missed lunch, they made a beeline for a nearby eatery.

A conversation developed between the two during lunch:

“Did you enjoy the way I handed you the money?” McKinnon probed.

Deeb questioned, “What cash?”

In a protein-packed package. There’s the cash I was supposed to give you.

You’re joking, right?

Indeed, I’m serious.

I dropped it on the floor, so it was probably destroyed.

McKinnon chuckled uneasily and said, “Ah ha, you’re joking.”

The pair hurried from the restaurant to the poker table, which was just a short distance away from the tournament venue. As was to be anticipated, the box had vanished from beneath it. No one could figure out where the money went, but they were all impressed by the creative method of distribution.

For help locating his package, Sean contacted the casino. Deeb was not on board with McKinnon’s offer to donate the money he had already spent out of his own pocket.

A casino worker eventually called Sean to let him know that the package had been discovered in one of the casino’s garbage cans. Just minutes later did the janitor have to empty the garbage can into a huge outside bin, where the $10,000 and protein bars would be lost forever.

Sean handed the helpful janitor $500 and a nice anecdote as thanks for his hard work.

Rafael Moraes breaks out a poker player’s salary in great detail.

Everyone who hasn’t tried live poker before wants to know one thing: how much money can you make playing the game? The answer is never going to be precise because of the game’s inherent variance, but the famous long term can help to take the average if we use certain statistics to make the account, as poker pro Rafael Moraes has explained.

Rafa posted a thread on his Instagram answering the topic everyone is asking, along with illustrations of how certain numbers may be computed and a list of reasons that would be useful to anyone considering a career in professional poker.

Read more about how Ricardo Nagatomo became emotional when talking about his wife’s dream she had before he won the Sunday Million.

Read below for the complete text released by Rafael Moraes, a member of the 4bet Poker Team who was eager to share his perspective on some issues based on his experience as the manager of a team that has spent thousands of players:

Look at this:

When I started 13 years ago, there were far fewer pros, which is one of the reasons I was able to turn professional in only 6 months. Today, I estimate that it takes a player a year to a year and a half to become a really profitable prof. “First, it is VERY important for you to know that it is normal for a professional poker player to go through some periods losing. The big difference is that the professional stays much longer in the positive than in the negative.

For example, when I won $1,000,000 in The Venom event, I first put $2,600 as a buy-in, therefore my true profit from that tournament was 10%-25%. This is because we have to account for all the tournaments he participated but did not win.

Let’s say I spend two months of my life participating in nothing but value tournaments like this, and I don’t win anything significant. I might easily lose $100,000 to $200,000 in that time.

But is it possible to make money by playing poorly? Sure, but probably not as much as you’d think. There’s a thing in poker called the learning curve, and it varies from person to person. Younger people, with more time on their hands, can move up the curve more quickly than their elders.

Having seen over 5,000 players come through 4bet, I can tell you that a skilled player who has been studying for some time and is just starting out professionally will earn between $800 and $100 per month.

However, professional players who play for higher salaries and are considered middle-tier references can make anywhere from US$5,000 to US$50,000 per month on average. It is extremely difficult to reach these values, and usually takes a good number of years of dedicated practice and hard work.

Also, it is important to realize that I am referring about the professional. This is not the man who gets home from work at 6 o’clock and plays from 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock. The professional player has poker as a career, therefore he spends 10 to 12 hours of labor every day.

Phil Helmut wins a tournament at the US Poker Open The US Poker Open Classic Series is taking place in Las Vegas, and it expectedly attracted all the best players in the United States. Daniel Negreanu, Alex Foxen, Jeremy Osmus and other professionals coul

The One Drop Foundation, which has been involved in major WSOP events like as the one with a $1 million buy-in, will be partnering with the WPT this year.

Locals in Las Vegas may participate in two tournaments at the Wynn Summer Classic, with the proceeds going to One Drop, an organization that provides clean water to places where it is desperately needed.

The WPT EveryOne for One Drop will serve as the first competition. The $10,300 tournament, set to begin on July 9, will hand out at least $10,000,000 in prizes.

The World Poker Tour’s (WPT) high roller series returns on July 14 with the WPT Alpha 8 for One Drop event. Those interested in taking part will need to shell out far more, namely $111,111.

Another World Championship will be held by the WPT in 2023. Eliot Hudon beat 2,959 opponents at the conclusion of last year’s tournament and took home $4,146,400 (out of a total prize fund of $29,008,000).

The first US Poker Open was won by Phil Helmut.

The finest American poker players are converging on Las Vegas for the US Poker Open Classic Series. At the tables were pros like Daniel Negreanu, Alex Foxen, Jeremy Osmus, and others.

Phil Helmut, who holds the record for the most WSOP gold bracelets, won an event with a $10,000 buy-in. PokerBrat won the tournament and the first place prize of $211,200.

Not only did they bring home another trophy, but the make-up of the heads-up match was also interesting. Helmut faced Jeremy Osmus head-to-head and “avenged” his previous defeat from two years before.

At a $50,000 PLO event in 2021, Phil won his 17th gold bracelet. He faced Jeremy Osmus head-to-head, although he had little chance of breaking any records.

This time Phil came out on top, but he still couldn’t have done it without some help from Lady Luck. In the last hand, Helmut had a little chip lead and flipped a:. Osmus’s pair was quite the catch.

After some preflop raising from both players, Phil folded and was instacalled. They both dropped back on the turn, eliminating Jeremy’s chance of victory.

This is Phil’s first time competing in the US Poker Open Cup. Professional poker player from the United States seldom attends tournaments of this kind. His visit to the PokerGO studio might be seen as practice for the forthcoming WSOP tournaments. Phil will not be absent and will continue his quest to break the record for most gold bracelets won.

This year, there will be a record 95 gold bracelets up for grabs at the World Series of Poker, which begins on May 30. You may stack them with the titles you win at the World Series of Poker, PokerOK, and the European leg of the festival in autumn. As a result, this year we will find almost 150 new champions.

The IPT’s Golden Edition in Iguazu’s City Center has been a huge hit.

The City Center Iguaz Casino hosted one of the most interesting series from March 23-25. The Iguaz Poker Tour (IPT) Golden Edition was a huge hit.

Many local players were present, which is a plus for the overall standings. This time around, the guaranteed prize pool was $70,000 USD, with a buy-in of $1,000 USD. Hernan Creixel of Argentina won first place. Armcol Sorriedine of Argentina came in second, while Heber Aragones of Argentina won bronze.

The next poker tournament date has been set. From May 10th to the 14th, the event will be held. Are you curious? For inquiries and bookings, dial +54 9 3757-407492 or +54 9 3757-676630 to reach City Center Iguaz. And don’t forget to check out City Center Iguazu on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

Phone: +54 3757 67-6630 Address: CITY CENTER IGUAZ RN12 KM 1640, no 3370 Puerto Iguaz – Misiones – Argentina

Phone: (45) 3025-7263 Email: [email protected] Whatsapp: (45) 99124-5842 / (45) 99102-5225 Address: PRESS OFFICE CITY CENTER IGUAZ Olé Communication

Tuesday’s $1,050 Classic Home Run Champion is Pedro Garagnani.

The country’s grinders sent the WSOP Spring Circuit Online off in style by taking first place in a number of side events. Even though Pedro Garagnani won the $1,050 Tuesday Classic HR, the sixth-place finisher, Renan “Bad Time” Aziz, took home $14,012.

The $1,050 Tuesday Showers Bounty Turbo was left by Pedro Padilha. In the end, he took home $12,176.

The Samba Team’s star player kept going. The Brazilian won $5,507 for finishing fourth in the $215 Tuesday Showers Bounty Turbo, which had 336 total entrants.

Wagner, Fábio “Fabio W,” also won a six-figure sum. He placed second in the $525 Spring Saver HR [Hyper] and earned $10,22 as a result.

Luis Henrique Dorneles came in last place in the $525 Bounty Hunters Spring HR. After being knocked out in the 6-max, his bankroll grew by $759. You may also like to see:

The WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event was won by Maimone

WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event Champion: Maimone

The American ended up winning the Main Event because he completely dominated the Final Table. Maimone took home almost $500,000 in prize money and the coveted WSOP Spring Circuit ring.

Nicholas Maimone remained at the summit forever. He used this as a springboard to win the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event on GGPoker.

After defeating Canadian player GeM7 in a heads-up match, the American took home $563,282 (CAD) while GeM7 got $416,686 (CAD).

While the Final Table was intense, Maimone maintained his advantage throughout and emerged victorious, taking home first place and the coveted WSOP Circuit Events ring.

Third place went to LoveOu ($308,380), fourth to Brian Green ($228,233), fifth to Nikki beagle ($168,922), sixth to Fabio W ($125,031), seventh to kersepit ($92,551), eighth to Puuudel ($68,515), ninth to Ushuaia1 ($50,728).

There were 14,656 players and US$7,380,000 at the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event. There were several Day 1s and a Day 2 that spanned three days during this event.

Tremendous Back-to-back requin rouges on the Winamax HighRoller

Winamax.fres was the place to be yesterday for regular tournaments. Prizes totaling €618k were awarded in 26 five-figure events that concluded throughout the day.

Around €7,000 was awarded to three lucky winners.

“ChAmBruSs” took home €11,704.46 after winning the €200 Battle Royale.

In the Prime Time round, “Be water” was awarded €50 ($8,030.53).

And “Requin rouge” had a wonderful back-to-back by bringing down the €250 HighRoller for a second consecutive day, earning the day’s largest prize of €9,956.88.

Six events had prize pools more than €30,000:

Whodunit? €50 ($41k).

Fight to the death for two hundred euro (around $46,000).

Dine and Drink €20 ($50k).

€10 ($39k) for a KO of unknown origin.

Premium Time €50 ($55k).

A €250 ($48k) High Roller bet.

Below are the specific outcomes of the day’s events with prize pools of more than €10,000.

Field size: 228, Prize pool: €10,260. Buy-in: €50. Game: IwanttteachU. Game: Shaolin.

(Beginner) M VAN BASTEN. Payout: €2,362.55 (250 entrants, €11,250 total).

Tea Time 20. AlbertRusnak. Prize: €3,098.75; Total Prize Pool: €28,728); Total Participants: 1,596.

AM7_ (€50 Gladiator; $2,483.43 winner; $532 participants; $23,940 total)


Winda (Mystery KO, €4,090.18 prize, field size 49, total prize pool €11,319).

ITakeAll (Mystery KO, €3,660.77, 1,556 players, €28,008 total prize pool).

Monster Stack Caliostr (€10) (6:30 p.m.). There were 1,590 entrants for a total prize fund of €2,499,86.

Prize pool for Geoff.o’s Guerrilla 5 was €14,949 (field size: 3,322).

larepetition (Mystery KO, €4,737.65 prize, 912 players, €41,040 total prize pool).

Battle Royale (ChAmBruSs) 200. Award: €8,219.45; Total Prize Pool: €46,920; Total Participants: 255.

ShAArKK974 (Mystery KO, €1,536.18 prize, €16,488 total prize pool, 3,664 entrants).

Nitro 20: Luigimy10 (£2,351.27, 713 players, £12,834 total prize money)


W0RK1NG (€50 shooter, €2,741.16 prize, €10,665 prize pool, 237 players).


The Okina Neko (€10 Tornado, $1,175.18 Prize, $1,181 Field, €10,629 Prize Pool)


7echno (€10 La Fievre, €3,640.34, 2,446 players, total prize pool €22,014)


p1amor (€20 entry, €3,793.61 first place prize, 2,260 players, €40,680 in total prize money)


Be water (€50, Prime Time; winner takes home €7,614.02; total prize pool of €55,170).

Bartolome33 (€5 for Pour la Daronne, won €1,650.42; total prize pool: €19,062; total number of entrants: 4,236).

Dark Crush (Mystery KO. The prize pool was €39,609 and the number of entrants was 2,899.98.

Red hare (250 High Roller). Prize: €9,956.88; Total Prize Pool: €48,256; Total Participants: 208.

Field size: 915. Total prize pool: €16,470. Flop cost: €20. Prize: €2,682.09.

In the top fifty. Payout: €3,552.70; Total Entered: 362. Total prize money is €16,290.

The Mahometan fifteen (Ninja ten) missile system. Winner receives €2,497.70 (€20,556 total) from a field of 2,284 players.

Demiurgo (Peak Period) €50. Prize: €3,620.74. Field: 490. Total prize value of €22,050.

All H0ME RUN (Unknown KO. Field: €2,296; Prize: €2,162.48. Total prize money of €20,664!

Nightclub 10: Jaiditnonpti. Prize: €2,097.27. Field: 1,780. Money awarded: €16,020.

We return today to our regularly scheduled competitions.

Be a responsible player. Several methods exist in online poker rooms to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limitation).

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