Brazilian Scores Deal and Wins Over $120,000 at GGWF Global Million$

Those who compete in the more accessible tournaments at the GGPoker World Gala can also win coveted six-figure prize money. In the special edition Global Million$, two Brazilians won more than $120,000 in prize money. Champion Diego “DALET” Arcas topped the leaderboard with $120,979, while “TinnaTurn” finished third with $141,254 thanks to a three-hand deal.

The mysterious “TinnaTurn” left the rainy season tiebreaker. “TinnaTurn” made it rain in the tiebreaker. “TinnaTurn” found himself in the rain early in the game, but he made his movie debut and took the top spot of the trio competition on his own.

Diego, on the other hand, grew in the FT after doubling up against Argentina’s “Ya Era Vo”. With A♥K♣ against A♠K♦, he hit the board with 4♣10♣Q♣2♣7♠ and took the pot.

This deck also prevents green-yellow doubles. In another all-in preflop, “TinnaTurn” hit A♠9♠ against “Nightst@lker’s” A♣6♥. A lead of 6♠2♥5♦6♣7♠ saved the Dutchman, who doubled up.

In a heads-up game full of lead changes, Diego held Q♦2♦ and he called all-in from “Nightst@lker” on board 9♦3♥6♦A♦ Q♥. With A♥K♥, the European has less than 20 BBS in chips.

Next, Diego opens on the button with A♥8♣ and then 4-bets all-in. “Nightst@lker” shouted, K♣Q♠. The advantage of A♣5♦3♥10♣9♥ did not allow Diego and Brazil to win the Global Million again.

With 45,753 US$50 entries, the Global Millions exceeded the US$2,0230,000 guaranteed and US$2,104,638 in prizes given away. Check out how much each finalist took home:

1. Diego “DALET” Arcas (Brazil) $120,979*.

2. “Nightst@lker” (Netherlands) $120,782*

3. “TinnaTurn” (Brazil) $141,254*

4. Peterson “PetersonRJ ” Machado (Brazil) $66,902

5. “PartOfTheGame” (Brazil) $50,161

6. “theheroguy” (Brazil) $37,258

7. “Ya Era Vo” (Argentina) $27,464

8. “Louisthe3rd” (New Zealand) $19,925

9. “WindyHippo707” (Canada) $15,112

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