Bruno Volkmann Misses HU Poker in SCOOP Event 43-H

Poker star Bruno Volkmann was the SCOOP champion two years ago and was just one knockout away from repeating the feat tonight. In Event 43-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (6-Max, Progressive KO), the “Great Dant” account rider was defeated in a twists and turns heads-up. While the Santa Catarina native won $55,593, Slovenia’s Blaž “Scarmak3r” Žerjav topped the list with $66,341.

After losing the lead in the second hand of the duel, Volkmann caught up to Žerjav’s run, could not be stopped and had nine BBS against 148.

The unfavorable situation did not discourage the Brazilian, who gained an advantage, but it wasn’t long before the pro found himself in a critical situation again. Volkmann held A♣A♥ and called Žerjavs all-in with 7♣7♥J♣9♣. The Slovenian held 10♠7♦ before turning 9tales into an ace with 5♣ on the river.

Volkmann, now isolated at the top, entered the action cleanly before declaring an all-in. Şerjav called with 10♣10♠. Volkmann dominated with A♥8♦ and got plenty of outs on the 6♦5♦3♦ flop, but the 9♣ turn and 8♣ river kept Žerjav in the game.

The pair then continued to trade places first until Žerjav opened the gap for the win. Here’s what happened in the final hand:

With the blinds at 300,000/600,000 and an ante of 75,000, Volkmann made the small bet and Žerjav decided to check. The flop came 9♥8♥3♦ and both folded. On the 10♦ turn, Volkmann bet 975,000. Žerjav responded with a check-raise to 2,880,000 and then called his opponent’s 3-bet all-in for 11,277,762. 10♣8♥ vs 7♣6♥, Volkmann was not saved by the river 7♥.

Not long after, Volkmann also played in the final of Event 53-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (PKO, single re-entry). He was eliminated in fifth place for another $7,645.

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  • The text provides a detailed account of Bruno Volkmann’s performance in a poker tournament, highlighting his near victory and subsequent defeat. It also mentions his participation in another event where he finished in fifth place.

  • This text describes a poker tournament where Bruno Volkmann narrowly missed out on repeating his previous victory, ultimately finishing in second place. Despite facing tough competition, Volkmann continued to play well and ultimately earned a significant cash prize.

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