Celebratory Sunday Million: Eight Brazilian Competitors Advance to the Championship Round

On Tuesday (the 28th), the Anniversary Sunday Million will be played, with a grand prize of $1,000,000. There are just 44 players left out of the 39,500 who filed $215 registrations, and eight of them are Brazilians hoping to repeat the success their compatriots have had in previous years.

Vinicius Silva, also known as “Sufering102,” is now in second place with a total of 39,268,933 chips. With 32,138,344 chips, “RFN1986” (Ricardo Nagatomo) is now in seventh position. André Correia, aka “atredezini,” ended with 31,040,968 chips, putting him in the top 10.

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Rafael Tosati “tosati’s” (3,133,704), Gustavo Tochetto “tochetto885” (13,750,255), Cézar Neto “cezinhaaaaa” (14,721,833), Paulo Brombim “paulinhoo00” (20,450,550), and “Povratka Bruxo” (15,353,449) are also competing for the title of PokerStars’ flagship event.

“songoks,” a Lithuanian player, has the largest chip stack at the moment with 61,369,720. Among of the players in the competition are Vlad “dariepoker” Darie (31,975,929), “Bianconero12” (36,805,588), Nicholas Walsh (13,783,604), and Stevan “random chu” Chew (5,239,648).

The competition will continue at 2 p.m. New blinds are 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante. There’s also a $9,639 prize pool, but everyone’s eyes are on the $1,000,000 up for grabs for the winner of the Sunday Million.


  • This text provides an update on the Anniversary Sunday Million poker tournament, highlighting the number of remaining players and their chip counts. It also mentions the presence of Brazilian players and their previous success in the competition. The focus is on the grand prize of $1,000,000 and the anticipation surrounding the winner.

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