Dan Cates leads tiebreaker in Triton Series London Main Event

Dan Cates leads tiebreaker in Triton Series London...

Even by Triton Poker Series standards, London’s main event, the FT, is incredibly top-flight. Dan Cates has been a spectacle in his own right, finishing second all by himself in first place. The American currently has 66 BBS, while Stephen Chidwick, who won $500,000 at the last tournament, has 53.

The two leaders competed in the 2019 FT at the same tournament. They definitely don’t want to repeat their performance as they both lost early in the game.

To win the $4,185,000 prize, you’ll also have to beat Timothy Adams, Doug Polk, Isaac Haxton, Juan Pardo and James Chen.

Play will resume on Monday the 7th at 9am (Brasilia time) with blinds 50,000/125,000 and ante BB. The announced card broadcast will be available for free on Triton’s YouTube channel.


1. Daniel Cates (USA) 8,200,000

2. Stephen Chidwick (UK) 6,650,000

3. Jean Noel Tourrel (France) 5,650,000

4. Timothy Adams (Canada) 5,150,000

5. Doug Polk (USA) 3,325,000

6. Juan Pardo (Spain) 2,500,000

7. Isaac Haxton (USA) 2,325,000

8. James Chen (Taiwan) 2,300,000

9. Lun Loon (Malaysia) 1,675,000


1. 4,185,000 USD

2. $2,830,000

3. $1,940,000

4. $1,582,000

5. $1,260,000

6. $970,000

7. $705,000

8. $510,000

9. $422,500

Dan Cates leads tiebreaker in Triton Series London...


  • This text provides information about the Triton Poker Series main event in London, highlighting the top players and their chip counts. It also mentions the prize amounts for the top nine finishers. The author seems to be pointing out the competitiveness of the tournament and the potential for a significant cash prize.

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