Galfond makes a joke about the hand’s 15 potential reflections and lists them.

Phil Galfond is widely regarded as one of the best poker theorists of all time, and he makes excellent use of social media to disseminate his ideas and advice. The inventor of the “Run It Once” school, who always receives a lot of attention on Twitter, just wrote a wonderful tweet describing the thoughts going through his brain during a poker hand.

Galfond listed 15 different ways a poker hand might cause a player to reevaluate their strategy. At the very end, he managed to crack a joke on one of the most “controversial” issues in the area. Before that, however, the ideas presented may aid many players in comprehending the game’s inner workings.

See these:

One – Identify my hand. (Standard operating procedure)

Question 2: Is there any value in this hand?

Three, in what range does this hand fall?

Fourthly, do proficient blockers think it’s adequate?

5 – What am I hoping to achieve by taking the following step?

Six, do I have any playable hands?

Can I improve the folding of my hands?

To what extent do I have equity in my hand to fold?

When his opponent takes two minutes to think it through, Doug Polk makes three overbets on the river and takes down a $200,000 pot.

How far can I go?

Ten- Where does my foe’s range extend to?

11- Can you describe the board’s feel?

12 – Who has the most stake in this company?

13 – On this board, who has the nuts?

14 – How much do my good hands want to wager?

15- Which bluffs are most effective at different betting levels?

Galfond didn’t pass up the chance to make a joke by writing a 17th notion after producing these 15, some of which were easier and others of which were more difficult. He built his joke on a dispute between players Nik Airball and Matt Berkey.

The online banter between these two Americans escalated into a challenge issued by Airball to Berkey. The host of a popular poker podcast accepted the offer under certain terms, and the two parties agreed to find a mediator jointly. Try to guess who was picked. Galfond, Phil!

Therefore, Galfond’s sixteenth musing was as follows:

16- What possessed me to accept to act as a referee in the match between Airball and Berkey?

The winner of Berkey vs. Airball’s highly pricey heads-up match will be decided by Galfond.

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