historic! WSOP Main Event Breaks Attendance Record

historic! WSOP Main Event Breaks Attendance Record

The 2023 WSOP Main Event made history with new attendance records. When registrations reached 8,774 participants (1,080 players on Day 1A, 1,118 players on Day 1B, 3,080 on Day 1C, and over 4,100 on Day 1D), it set New strong> mark, which is still in place, there is no cap, because the registration is still open for the first two levels of Day 2ABC this Friday, and Day 2D is open on Saturday. Regardless, the 2023 entry is expected to be approximately 9,337.

The highest point occurs at Level 1 on Day 1D, a 17-year dedication ceremony – old record. Since 1970, there has been a marked increase in WSOP attendance. Entry peaked in 2006 when Jamie Gold beat 8,773 players to win an impressive $12 million. Since then, the number of entries has fluctuated from year to year, until last year, the number of entries reached 8,663, just 111 entrants short of the record. Espen Jorstad was then appointed for $10 million.

Chris Moneymaker is responsible for the Shuffle Up & game. Make a deal on this historic day.

Incredibly, in the first edition in 1970, only six players entered the main event and the prize money was awarded to the United States Champion $30,000, won by the legendary Johnny Moss.

Interestingly, the four-figure attendance was broken in 2004. With 2,576 entrants, Greg Raymer won a bracelet and $5 million, all after the success of Chris Moneymaker the previous year when his $2.50 Prize Win millions by beating 839 players after qualifying for a few dollars in online satellites.

Despite the ups and downs of the ensuing years, the excitement waned and the enthusiasm never faltered. This year, expectations are growing among WSOP staff and many pundits that the Main Event will break attendance records. So this should come as no surprise to anyone.

However, the speed at which this milestone has been reached may surprise some. There is still time to register more participants, and there is speculation that the tournament may even reach 10,000 players.

The 17-year wait is over – we set a new attendance record for the World Series of Poker Main Event!

With 8,830 registrations and counting, registrations close at 4:40pm. Saturday broke the previous Main Event record of 8,773.

Thank you to all the players, dealers, staff and… pic.twitter.com/ruLAoqqmgv

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 6, 2023

“The 17-year wait is over as we set a new record for WSOP Main Event attendance!

As of 4:40pm Saturday, 8,830 entrants had signed up, Breaking the previous Main Event record of 8,773 entries.

Thanks to all the players, dealers, staff and partners involved in poker history!

Jack Effel , World Series Vice President Poker expects the WSOP to continue unabated. “Witnessing a truly big World Series of Poker is a good sign that poker will continue to evolve,” Effel said in a statement. ”

Effel believes several factors have contributed to the steady growth of the poker industry. The past few years have seen success not only in the record-breaking Main Event, but also in many other bracelet events this year.

The biggest tournament in poker history – WSOP 2023 Main Event! pic.twitter.com/ofbAjPAMuZ

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 7, 2023

“There were a lot of exciting moments at the WSOP – Phil Hellmuth wins…” His 17th bracelet, unimaginable for a poker player Yes,” Eiffel continued. “I think the WSOP is a special place. I think it’s inimitable, it has to be experienced.”

Effel has yet to make a forecast for the final number of entries. Registration is complete, but guarantees it will be “a huge number”. Records have been broken and the excitement and competitive spirit of the WSOP continues.

The 10th WSOP Main Event registered the most registrations. 2023 Winners 8,774+ ¿ 2006 8,773 Jamie Gold 2022 8,663 Espen Jostad 2019 8th 569 Hossein Ensan 2018 7,874 John Cynn 2010 7,319 Jonathan Duhamel 2017 7,221 Scott Blumstein 2011 6,865 Pi us Heinz 2008 6,844 Peter Eastgate 2016 6,737 Qui Nguyen

historic! WSOP Main Event Breaks Attendance Record

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  • The text provides information about the 2023 WSOP Main Event, highlighting the new attendance records and the anticipation for breaking the previous record. It also mentions notable moments and winners from past events, indicating the growth and excitement in the poker industry.

  • This text provides information about the 2023 WSOP Main Event and the new attendance records set. It highlights the increasing number of participants in the WSOP over the years and mentions notable winners in previous events. The text also includes quotes from Jack Effel, the World Series Vice President of Poker, expressing his belief in the continued growth of the poker industry. Overall, the text gives a comprehensive overview of the recent WSOP Main Event and its significance in poker history.

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