Initial sticker swap for the second season of Winamax Live Sessions.

Winamax has recently released the second segment of the Winamax Live Sessions’ second season.

The Gran Casino de Aranjuez presents this latest part of the French room’s rendition of the mythological series about High Stakes cash games, a topic that has been popular with viewers since the advent of poker on television.

Like similar programs, such as High Stakes Poker, the first season of the series, which can be seen in its entirety in our Winamax Live Sessions library, reveals the personalities of certain players who mature in front of the cameras and in the most challenging conditions. These are already fan favorites, such as Yaman Nakdali and Tom Bedell, who return to the new table’s roster.

Speaking of fan favorites, this week sees the return to the schedule of Team Pro member Leo Margets, who has been absent this season. In order to create place for him, we must split ways with his companion, lex Romero.

Not just “And1ero” moves to the bench, but others do as well. Ignacio Molina also finds a successor, in this instance Sergio Fernandez, a national poker legend with vast expertise at the top levels of live cash play.

Let’s evaluate which characters are returning for the second season.

The aggressiveness of Yaman Nakdali made him a successful player.

Ral Mestre is a Spanish Hall of Fame inductee and famous tactician.

Leo Margets is the finest athlete in the nation. Tournament professional.

Adrián Mateos (Team Winamax) is the leader of the Spanish poker community.

Mustapha Kanit (Team Winamax) is a circuit legend. How will he get the cash?

Sergio Fernandez still attends music festivals, but he now performs away from the cameras and for cash.

Manu Saavedra is one of the most dreaded regulators in the present nosebleeds.

Tom Bedell: The High Roller was the inaugural season’s biggest surprise.

The Winamax Live Sessions will adhere to the following guidelines:

Increase the blinds to 50/100 with a 100 BB Ante.

Straddle is optional from UTG for €200.

Run it: Participants in the pot select how many flops, turns, and rivers are discarded when a player goes all-in.

Buy-in: Deepest game! The minimum buy-in increases to 100 blinds (€10,000), but the maximum remains unrestricted.

The 7-2 rule is still in effect. The winner of an NLHE hand with the poorest hand play earns an additional blind or straddle from each opponent.

The fifth episode of the second season of Winamax Live Sessions is now available on YouTube.

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