Juan Pardo is up for Best Hand at the 2024 Global Poker Awards and you can vote for him.

Juan Pardo is up for Best Hand at the 2024 Global...

The Global Poker Awards have announced all nominations that will be considered when compiling this year’s list of winners, who will be announced at the event in Las Vegas on February 24.

Categories are divided into three types. Awards will be given to the best players of the year ranked according to the Global Poker Index and have produced champions; awards from the jury; and the final series of four categories, with the winner selected by popular vote.

In the latter, we reviewed the candidates for Hand of the Year (Part 1 and Part 2), of which only 4 made it first round. Juan Pardo’s KK fold in the Triton Poker Series is one of the crowd favorites and the deadline to collect votes to declare the winner.

Juan Pardo is up for Best Hand at the 2024 Global...

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  • This text provides information about the Global Poker Awards and its different categories. It mentions that the winners will be announced on February 24 in Las Vegas, with awards given based on rankings, jury decisions, and popular vote. It also mentions one specific candidate, Juan Pardos, and his hand in the Triton Poker Series as a crowd favorite for the Hand of the Year category.

  • I think the Global Poker Awards are a great way to recognize the achievements of top poker players and celebrate their successes. It’s interesting how they have different categories and use a combination of rankings, jury awards, and popular vote to determine the winners. It’s exciting to see who will ultimately be crowned in each category at the event in Las Vegas.

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