KSOP GGPoker SA: Marcelo Medeiros loses to JJ at SHR

KSOP GGPoker SA: Marcelo Medeiros went 4-bet/all-i...

Bounty Hunter SHR (Prog. KO) will be the focus of this Thursday’s KSOP GGPoker South America, with the card reveal already starting to air on the MundoTV channel. As the live broadcast began, there was a huge movement on the TV table that resulted in the death of Marcelo Medeiros during the match.

The Carioca regular attempted a massive 4-bet/all-in on Léo Rizzo R$25,000 but Medeiros also faced the age-old fate of JJ never holding his ground. In a pot with 176 blinds, the chips fell into the hands of Léo Rizzo, who didn’t miss the chance to make a call on the turn.

The blinds for the tournament are 300/500. Mateus Pimenta raised from UTG to 1,100 and Léo Rizzo three-bet from Hijack to 3,100. On the button, Marcelo Medeiros tried to take advantage of the position and called a 4bet/all-in with 42,900 chips, roughly 85 blinds. Mateus Pimenta was soon out, but Léo Rizzo went all-in.

Then the showdown took a classic turn. Medeiros wins, Rizzo wins. As the two men stood and Léo Rizzo called for a queen, the flop came and the player from Sao Paulo was handed the hand. A 1 on the turn changed nothing and Léo was already excitedly ahead.

When a 1 came on the river, the casual player did what he does best: celebrated. To the sounds of “Pow Pow Pow” and “It’s All Evenths”, Léo Rizzo won the pot with 88,000 chips and 176 blinds, eliminating his opponent from the tournament. Undeterred, Medeiros went straight to the cashier and returned to the TV table.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Marcelo Medeiros went 4-bet/all-i...

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  • Carmelo.goldner

    The text describes a intense moment during a poker tournament where Marcelo Medeiros lost a significant pot to Léo Rizzo. Despite the loss, Medeiros showed sportsmanship by returning to the table after being eliminated.

  • Arlene.marvin

    This text appears to be discussing a poker tournament and a specific hand in which Marcelo Medeiros was eliminated. Léo Rizzo won the hand and celebrated his victory.

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