Latin gladiators seek glory from giant gladiators

Latin gladiators seek glory from giant gladiators

Event 18 Day 1D: $300 Gladiator of Poker is creating at the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) at the Las Vegas Horseshoe and Paris The largest edition series in the world in history.

The number of participants for flights a, b, c, and d on the first day was 3,940, 4,571, 6,110, and 8,467, which means that the total number of participants is 23102! The 2023 WSOP’s highest value to date, well beyond the original $3,000,000 guaranteed.

After 22 levels of competition, only 320 players remained. Mary Jo Phillips leads with 2,965,000 chips. Phillips showed steady improvement over the last few levels, but by the end of the night, she had a massive 2 million chip pot that put her at the top and will start Day 2 with one of the biggest stacks.

Patrick White is the top four-

As for the Latin American gladiators who are still in the running

Leandro Lorenzi – 2,170,000 (cover photo) Joaquin Beretta- 1,525,000 Hernan Krexl- 1,140,000 Julian Rugner – 1,115,000 Andrés Campello – 830,000 Matias Morana – 805,000 Jose Alfaro – 655000 Ho Se Vega- 62500, Franco Vizzotto- 580000 Atala Mercada- 460000 Juan Reynoso – 440000 Rodrigo Diguez – 435000 Leo Fernandez – 295000 Dorian Rios – 270000 Gabriel Garcia – 210000

Gladiator Day 2 Poker Tournament starts this Sunday at 10am . Grinders who survived the entirety of day one will play 17 levels of 40 minutes each, with the final table on day three. There is a 20-minute break after every three levels, then a 60-minute dinner break at level 31 around 19:00.

Latin gladiators seek glory from giant gladiators

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