Madrid evaluates the potential CEP+Estrellas formula.

In the wake of the Winamax Poker Tour, the nation’s capital is preparing for a new event that hopes to attract equally absurd amounts of money to the table.

Putting aside Pokerstars’ determination to bend over itself to accommodate its new offering into the tight national schedule, it is intriguing to see how the new model will function, in which a respected brand like the CEP would become a subsidiary of the resurrected Estrellas Poker Tour.

It is an equation that has been solved in past EPT Barcelona tournaments, a mega-festival in which none of the circuits that have followed it for years have lost their individuality. Pokerstars was able to preserve the iconography, structures, and local flavor of its secondary circuits, providing the Estrellas and the CEP with the enormous advantage of a prelude to Europe’s greatest tournament every August.

The distinction between a temporary union and this new combination of dates for the two local circuits should not be forgotten. All of these, however, are office-level factors that may or may not be of importance. At street level, everything seems advantageous to the gamer.

The Casino Gran Madrid has been decked up in festival colors for many days, and those who like to warm up may do so with satellites right now; nevertheless, the competition for the major events begins on Thursday.

With the joint efforts of the CEP and the Estrellas, the red spade room is able to provide 11 days of high-quality poker at a range of pricing points. It advertises these competitions on its website. The whole schedule is available on Pokerstar Live’s website.

None of the attractions of two of the most popular circuits in our country are sacrificed, and it remains only to determine the features of this odd addition, whether and in what manner the total of the elements affects the result. The precedents are really reassuring.

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