Paulo Brombim won $525 after winning three all-in bets. Bounty hunter stole $126,000 from HR.

Paulo Brombim won $525 after winning three all-in...

On this particular Sunday, Paulo Brombim experienced an unusual situation. While he was still riding high after winning the $525 Bounty Hunters HR event, he was eliminated in the heads-up round of the $1,050 GGMasters HR event. Combined, the pro earned $144,000.

Two of Paulo’s teammates also voted for the $525 Bounty Hunters HR. After finishing sixth, “Avelange Jr” earned $27,597 in points before being eliminated. As a farewell gesture, he made an open push with 5 BBS, and “TaWebon” immediately called him with AQ in the big blind. The Brazilian had little chance against A7 and J31026’s Ace.

In contrast, Gabriel Sborz in a long 4 The greatest losses were suffered in hand games. Account holder “r4sta-p0ker” earned a total of $49,398. He went all-in in the blind game and watched Paulo call with Q6. The small stack K6 was destroyed by the large stack 10QA2.

Paulo had to wait until the heads-up match to announce his championship. Because he was already ahead in the three-man race. “DrunkMaster” completed its public full rollout with 12 BBS in its final move. After increasing his stack to twenty-one, “TaWebon” went all-in. During a phone conversation, Paulo revealed the number nine. After Paulo’s opponent showed A3 and A7, they won the hand with Q8JJK.

One minute later, Lus Rocha in the $1,050 GGMasters HR final Defeated Paulo and finished eighth. This time he made a total of $18,457.

Paulo Brombim won $525 after winning three all-in...

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