Sonic Race – €70,000 on Stretch

Starting November 21, 2022, the Stretch Network (Vbet and Grompoker) will be launching a new table-only Fast Poker Sonic Race with €70,000 worth of prize money divided over six weekly leaderboards for a month.

Sonic Race €70,000 at Stretch Network Rooms

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Stretch Poker Network (formerly BetConstruct) launched 6 Limit Fast Poker Hold’em and Omaha on October 10, but players in its room opted to continue playing on regular tables, while Sonic Poker’s action only passed €40 Connect each peak to NL2 Euro.

This is probably why the network management decided to increase the traffic on the new 5 Max table by introducing a new regular tournament:

Starting November 21, 2022, Vbet and Grompoker will be offering a Sonic Race only for Quick Poker players with a total prize pool of €70,000 for 4 weeks.

However, the Kings event, which included the regular table, was cancelled.

  1. Each limit in Sonic Poker Hold’em and Omaha has its own leaderboard.
  2. In the first three weeks, the prize money for all leaderboards is 15,000 Euros, and in the fourth week 25,000 Euros. Then the cycle repeats.
  3. The top 10-15 players will receive prizes for each leaderboard.
  4. Points are calculated using the following formula: Points = (Commission*0.7+0.8*log2.7(Commission^2/3))*2 (1 point for a commission of approximately 2 EUR).
  5. Weekly rounds end on Sunday at 22:00 Kiev time.
  6. Withdrawals will be credited to the account within the next 48 hours.

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