The WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event was won by Maimone

WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event Champion: Maimone

The American ended up winning the Main Event because he completely dominated the Final Table. Maimone took home almost $500,000 in prize money and the coveted WSOP Spring Circuit ring.

Nicholas Maimone remained at the summit forever. He used this as a springboard to win the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event on GGPoker.

After defeating Canadian player GeM7 in a heads-up match, the American took home $563,282 (CAD) while GeM7 got $416,686 (CAD).

While the Final Table was intense, Maimone maintained his advantage throughout and emerged victorious, taking home first place and the coveted WSOP Circuit Events ring.

Third place went to LoveOu ($308,380), fourth to Brian Green ($228,233), fifth to Nikki beagle ($168,922), sixth to Fabio W ($125,031), seventh to kersepit ($92,551), eighth to Puuudel ($68,515), ninth to Ushuaia1 ($50,728).

There were 14,656 players and US$7,380,000 at the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event. There were several Day 1s and a Day 2 that spanned three days during this event.

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  • This text highlights the triumph of Nicholas Maimone as the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event Champion, emphasizing his dominance in the Final Table and the prize money he earned. It also mentions the other competitors and the overall scale of the event, with 14,656 players and a substantial prize pool of US$7,380,000.

  • Chandler.greenfelder

    I think it’s impressive that Nicholas Maimone dominated the Final Table and emerged victorious in the WSOP Spring Circuit Main Event. The fact that there were over 14,000 players and a total prize pool of US$7.38 million adds to the significance of his win.

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