Tuesday’s Red MTTs on PokerStars are led by Luisitoo01.

Regular tournaments were the main focus of attention on Tuesday at PokerStars.

The room with the red spade organized 9 tournaments with prize pools of more than €10,000 and €170k in prizes. One of the aforementioned MTTs ended with a Hispanic triumph.

Luisitoo01 won the €10 Bounty Builder, taking home a prize of €1,215.68. The tournament had a field of 1,294 entries and a prize pool of €11,646.

Counting these wins, La Roja had a total of 15 victories yesterday. These were the Spanish winners:

“mcma9” (PKO €5).

“pacojvc” (PKO 5€).

“stuffim” (SuperStack 1€).

“migueestars” (PKO 20€).

“fransersas” (SuperStack 5€).

“ElBugsBunny” (SuperStack 5€).

“mohtaf” (Daily Omaha £10).

“Luisitoo01” (Bounty Builder $10).

“easyquads” (Omaha H/L 10€).* “easyquads” (Omaha H/L 10€).

“trunk_bro” (Bounty Builder 5€).

“abdoulkadri” (PKO 1€).

“Dogman 185” (Hold’em NL €0.50).

“Monstick” (SuperStack Turbo €10).

“BLAS PAEZ” (Hold’em NL 0.50€).

“Gambitarochil” (Hold’em NL €1).

The Spaniards achieved 5 doubles (marked in the list with an asterisk) and the balance in the HU was 10 wins vs. 14 second places.

These are the results of the regular tournaments with 5-figure pots:

Isaev Vladislav (PKO €10 6-Max. Prize: €1.277,93. Field: 1,458. Prize pool: €13,122. Country: Mexico).

Iports (Bigger €50. Prize: €2,664.27. Field: 336. Field: 336. Prize pool: €15,120. Country: Brazil).

britaa (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €3,151.72. Field: 3,054. Prize pool: €27,486. Country: Portugal).

RuslanHugo (Thunder 50€. Prize: €4,681.66. Field: €4,681.66. Prize pool: €629. Field: 629. Prize pool: €30,000. Country: Armenia).

felix_sahakian (Night on Stars €100. Prize: €3,964.01. Field: 234. Field: 234. Prize pool: €21,060. Country: Armenia).

Luisitoo01 (BB £10. Prize: £1,215.68. Field: 1,294. Prize pool: £11,646. Country: Spain).

Leoa1965 (BB £20. Prize: £1,356.48. Field: 607. Prize pool: £10,926. Country: Portugal).

MrsBernieMadoff (Big Bang €50. Prize pool: €3,071.43. Field: 425. Field: 425. Prize pool: €20,000. Country: France).

FoldeameUna (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €2,210.84. Field: 2,313. Prize pool: €20,817. Country: Argentina).

Today the regular tournaments will again be the main focus of attention on PokerStars. VGL, Spaniards!

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