What does the Latino’s winning roster look like after the Barbero blast?

What does the Latino's winning roster look like af...

Bomb…bomb…fireman! Nacho Barbero performed well at the London Triton, scoring the best cash result in Latino history, finishing second in the 200km race. The winner, of course, is the gutsy guy, and whoever has the budget to play the tournament with those buy-ins is the gutsy guy.

With that amount of money, assuming it’s his only in ITM history, his $3,445,807 would put him at number 572 on the poker earning list, ahead of Justin Bonomo Bonomo), earning a whopping $61,956,383. He’s also good enough to be the 11th best Latino player on The Hendon Mob’s list.

But the reality is that the Argentine has earned $13,940,134 in live tournaments, ranking him in the world. In fact, at 70 he is the only top 100 player from Latin America and one of two top 200 players along with Farid Jattin. These stats confirm that he is the best player Armada has ever played in a live tournament. There’s no subjectivity here to cover it up.

Farid Jattin, second best Latin player.

He even won a WSOP bracelet, if it was worth considering.

Barbero is already the No. 1 Latino in the rankings, and now he’s extending that lead. However, his victory gives us reason to remember who are the best representatives in our region, those who have won the most money in live poker tournaments (of course, in general, both cash and online earnings include in count) not included).

We then used the same source to rank Latinos that appeared in the world’s top 1,000, giving a total of 26.

Latin wins the rankings, with Barbero at number one

1. (No. 70) Nacho Barbero – $13,940,1342. (No. 188) Fareed Jardin – $7,534,3773. (No. 224) Ivan Luka – $6,573,0474th (No. 249) Humberto Brenes – $6,184,2215th place (No. 274) Yuri Givylevsky – $5,767,3336th (No. 284) Michael Duke – $5,581,3687th (No. 393) Juan Carlos Alvarado – $4,476,3018th (No. 498) Alexandria Gomez – $3,737,9689th (No. 529) Felipe Ramos – $3,618,52810. (541 places) Connie Lampropoulos – $3,577,62311th (No. 590) Damian Salas – $3,373,35512. (No. 630) Andre Akari – $3,182,44013th (651st) Bruno Volkmann – $3,079,44614. (No. 687) Andres Cohen – $2,986,41715. (No. 716) Philip Pinto – $2,878,76316th (782nd) ​​Ivan Fretz – $2,679,66317th (850th) Alejandro Lokoco – $2,539,57518. (No. 893) Angel Gillen – $2,460,40919th (906th) Jose Luis Villado – $2,437,79920. (No. 908) Giuseppe Iadisernia – $2,429,24821st (919th) Dorian Rios – $2,407,19622nd (926th) Fabrizio Gonzalez – $2,402,49323. (No. 932) Francisco Benitez – $2,391,28524th (949th) Rio Fernandez – $2,351,11325. (No. 962) Pablo Melonio – $2,333,79026. (No. 988) Mario Lopez – $2,287,329

*Overall rank in parentheses.

What does the Latino's winning roster look like af...

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  • Johan.rolfson

    This text seems to be discussing the success and rankings of Nacho Barbero, a poker player from Latin America. It highlights his impressive earnings and accomplishments in live tournaments, positioning him as the top Latino player in the rankings.

  • This text appears to be discussing the poker performance of Nacho Barbero, highlighting his success and ranking among Latino players. It provides a list of the top earners in live poker tournaments from Latin America.

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