Why Sean Deeb wasted his money on the WSOPC tournaments

During the WSOPC Series, we spoke about protein bars and the money Sean Deeb spent.

Sean Deeb took home the gold in the WSOP Circuit Series in New York. After the festival was over, he told PokerNews a hilarious anecdote involving a package of protein bars and a discarded ten grand.

D.J. McKinnon, a close friend of Sean’s from Buffalo, came to the series as well to present Sean with a cash gift. Deeb claims that they often fool about with one other, and that one such incident almost cost them $10,000.

McKinnon approached Sean after a match and gave him a package of protein bars after the massage chair was taken away.

He walks over and sets the box of protein bars in front of my pile, saying, “Here, eat the protein bars.” That’s not something I’m going to do! To which Deeb replies, “Do whatever you want,” before walking off.

The masseuse refused Sean’s offer of candy bars. He then set the box down at his feet and resumed playing in the event.

Sean quit the tournament 20 minutes later, after two failed entry into the $400 event and a chance meeting with McKinnon. Once Deeb said that he’d missed lunch, they made a beeline for a nearby eatery.

A conversation developed between the two during lunch:

“Did you enjoy the way I handed you the money?” McKinnon probed.

Deeb questioned, “What cash?”

In a protein-packed package. There’s the cash I was supposed to give you.

You’re joking, right?

Indeed, I’m serious.

I dropped it on the floor, so it was probably destroyed.

McKinnon chuckled uneasily and said, “Ah ha, you’re joking.”

The pair hurried from the restaurant to the poker table, which was just a short distance away from the tournament venue. As was to be anticipated, the box had vanished from beneath it. No one could figure out where the money went, but they were all impressed by the creative method of distribution.

For help locating his package, Sean contacted the casino. Deeb was not on board with McKinnon’s offer to donate the money he had already spent out of his own pocket.

A casino worker eventually called Sean to let him know that the package had been discovered in one of the casino’s garbage cans. Just minutes later did the janitor have to empty the garbage can into a huge outside bin, where the $10,000 and protein bars would be lost forever.

Sean handed the helpful janitor $500 and a nice anecdote as thanks for his hard work.


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    This text tells a humorous anecdote about Sean Deeb and his friend DJ McKinnon involving protein bars and a lost $10,000. It showcases their playful friendship and the unfortunate mishap that led to the money being thrown away in a garbage can.

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